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Premium Specification


dagger rewind white water kayak

Dagger Rewind

White water kayak designed for river play, surfing and general purpose paddling. 

  • Contour Ergo Creek seat and seat pad
  • Contour Ergo Creek hip pads
  • Adjustable leg lifter
  • Adjustable ratchet Contour Ergo backband
  • Adjustable thighbrace
  • Contour Ergo adjustable bulkhead footbrace
  • Intergrated Step-Out Piller
  • Outfitting kit for personalisation incl. seat booster seat pad
  • Grab Handles
dagger axiom white water kayak

Dagger Axiom Action Spec

White water kayak designed for river play, surfing and general purpose paddling. 

  • Adjustable backband
  • Adjustable thigh braces
  • Grab handles
  • Adjustable bulkhead footbrace
wavesport diesel kayaks

Wavesport Diesel - Core WhiteOut Spec

Runs rapids like a fast creekboat with a hull that will also spin on green waves.

  • CORE WhiteOut Seat System
  • CORE Ratchet Leg Lifter
  • Easy Adjust on-the-fly Seat
  • Forward Ratchet Backband
  • Adjustable Padded Thigh Braces
  • Removable Outer Thigh Hooks
  • Contoured Hip Pads
  • Bulkhead Foot Brace Brace System
Wavesport Ethos Core WW kayaks

Wavesport Ethos - Core WW Spec

Crossover kayak that can handle river runs and touring lakes.

  • Auto-Adjusting Bulkhead Footbrace with Foam Padding
  • Tru Trak Skeg System
  • Hinged Comfort Carry Hip Pads
  • Adjustable, Padded Trekking Thigh Brace
  • Rotomoulded Play Seat with Adjustable Ratcheting Leg Lifter
  • CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System
  • Forward Ratcheting Backband
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Standard Specification


Riot Boogie

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

The Riot Thunder is an all-out river running machine. If you are looking for a kayak which enables you to paddle sections of white water with confidence.

Wavesport Diesel white out spec

Wavesport Diesel - WhiteOut Spec

The Diesel runs rapids like a fast creekboat and with a planning hull and continues rocker it still makes it playful and nimble enough for surfing standing waves

  • BlackOut Seat System
  • Forward Ratchet Backband
  • Adjustable Thigh Braces
  • Bulkhead Footrest
Dagger GT Action spec kayaks at southampton canoes

Dagger GT Action

General purpose white water paddling kayaks.

  • Fixed ergonomic seat
  • Fixed thighbraces
  • Adjustable backband
  • Security grab handles
  • Bulkhead footbrace system
dagger axiom white water kayak

Dagger Axiom Action

The Axiom lives for tail squirts, tight eddies and tearing up the waves that shorter boats simply float past.. 

  • Fixed ergonomic seat
  • Contour Lite seat pad
  • Gear loops
  • Hip pad ready
  • Contour Lite backrest
  • Thighbrace mounted double ratchet adjustment
  • Adjustable thighbrace
  • full plate bulkhead footbrace
Wavesport Fuse 48, 56 & 64 - Black Out Spec

Wavesport Fuse 48, 56 & 64 - Black Out Spec

Fusing together a river running kayak and a playboat to make a true all-rounder!

  • BlackOut Outfitting
  • Ratchet Adjustable Backband
  • Adjustable Thigh Braces
  • Padded Foam Foot Brace
  • Security Grab Points
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Wavesport Ethos Black Out spec kayak

Wavesport Ethos - Black Out Spec

General purpose paddling kayak that is able to tour along flat water and tackle white water.

  • Soft-grip carry handles
  • Easy empty drain plug
  • Rear deck elastic
  • Rescue/security bar
  • Spring loaded skeg system
  • River Cruiser Outfitting
  • Oval storage hatch with bulkhead
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River running kayaks and creek boats from Dagger, Riot Kayaks, Wavesport & Jackson Kayaks.

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