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River Running Kayaks For Sale

Kayaks for White Water Rivers

River running kayaks are designed to offer stability, confidence and agility when paddling white water from garde I - V. River running white water kayaks are designed with volume in the bow to keep the front end of the kayak above rapids and prevent the bow from being held under. Bow rocker profile enables the boat to be naturally directed over rapids, waves and holes allowing you to carry momentum down stream. Hull shapes differ from displacement to planning and edges or rails open up the ability to carve for diffrent styles of paddling and rivers. A half slice kayak is designed with a high volume bow and low volume stern to provide confidence while paddling downstream but the ability through agility and light weight to turn quickly and preform tricks in eddy lines.


titan nymph

Titan Nymph

  • 8'11" fast planning hull with large bow rocker profile to skip away from features.
  • Defined rails for sufing and carving waves.
  • Half slice low volume stern for agility and down river freestyle.
  • Adjustable and connective Reactor outfitting
dagger axiom white water kayak

Dagger Axiom Action

  • Semi-planning hull designed for tail squirts, tight eddies and tearing up the waves.
  • Perfect for beginners, intermediate and experts building their river running skill.
  • The hull and volume dispancement makes rolling the Axiom easy.
  • Connectinve and adjustable outfitting provides confidence on every rapid.
dagger rewind white water kayak

Dagger Rewind

  • Half Slice kayak designed for grade I-V down river agility and freestyle.
  • Large bow rocker and bow volume for confidence while river running.
  • Wide low volume stern for tailies and a nimble feel when dodging holes.
  • 9ft hull length and bow rocker allows the boat to keep speed skiping out of drops.
dagger code action spec in red designed for white water kayak

Dagger Code S,M,L - Action+ Spec

White water river running kayak with cost affective Action+ Outfitting. 

  • Adjustable Action+ Outfitting
  • Contoured hip pads lifter
  • Adjustable ratchet backrest
  • Adjustable thighbrace
  • Safety gear attachment points
Wavesport Diesel white out spec

Wavesport Diesel - WhiteOut Spec

  • Fast planning hull carries speed through rapids.
  • Balanced bow and stern volume provides stability and confidence.
  • Edges provide a nimble feel while snapping into eddy's.
  • Rails allow you to catch and carve standing weaves easily.
titan yantra white water river running kayak

Titan Yantra

  • Available in two sizes for smaller & larger paddler build
  • Stable and balanced volume and hull design
  • Forgiving bow and stern rocker
  • Adjustable and connective Reactor outfitting
dagger gt series kayaks

Dagger GT - Club

  • Favored by clubs, scouts and coaches for its general purpose design.
  • Confidence inspiring, predictable and responsive planning hull design.
  • The go to beginner river running kayak for ease of rolling and stability.
  • Available in cost effective Club outfitting.
Wavesport Ethos White Out spec kayak

Wavesport Ethos - WhiteOut

  • Elongated crossover planning hull for flat water touring and river running.
  • White water inspired edges and rails for agility and river or coastal surfing.
  • Drop down tracking skeg to increase straight line tracking whilest touring.
  • Rear oval storage hatch with sealed bulkhead for food, clothing or camping gear.

River running kayaks and creek boats from Dagger, Riot Kayaks, Wavesport & Jackson Kayaks.

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