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Wave Sport Kayaks

UK Made Sit On Tops, Sea Kayaks & White Water Kayaks.

Touring Kayaks

Wavesport Scooter X Sit On Top - Made in the UK

Wavesport Scooter X WhiteOut

The Scooter is Wavesport's top selling kayak of all time, very popular for all the family to enjoy at the beach and in the surf.

Made in the UK.

Wavesport Scooter XT WhiteOut

Wavesport Scooter XT WhiteOut

Made in the UK - the Scooter XT is a very popular for family fun and touring. 2 main seating positions and a child centre seat.

Wave Sport Hydra Touring and Sea Kayak Packed With Features in SubLimes Colour

Wavesport Hydra

The Hydra is a sporty touring kayak packed with features that is at home playing close to the coastline rock hopping and exploring caves on the sea. The highly connective outfitting provides an extra level of control as well as comfort.

Wavesport Horizon BlackOut in colour red

Wavesport Horizon BlackOut

The Horizon is the most user friendly tandem sea and touring kayak. It’s ideal for using on lakes, rivers, estuaries, sea, multi-day expeditions and for general fitness paddling.


Crossover Kayaks

wavesport ethos 9 whiteout kayak

Wavesport Ethos 9 & 10

A quick and stable crossover kayak which is a great choice if you find that 50% of the time you are river running and the other 50% you are touring your local lakes, canals and river estuaries.


White Water River/ Freestyle Kayaks

wavesport Project X playboat

Wavesport Project X

High performance whitewater playboat with a quick and nimble planning hull design for tearing up the surf and generating pop for tricks. Slicey bow and stern for flatwater freestyle or hole boating.

wavesport diesel kayaks

Wavesport Diesel - WhiteOut

Quick and responsive semi-planning river running kayak with rails to carve and spin on green waves.


Kayaks available for Pre-Order

wavesport phoenix kayaks

Wavesport Phoenix

A fast racing creeker hull design with lots of bow rocker and a wider tail for great speed when negotiating obstacles and big water! Equipped with CORE WhiteOut outfitting.

wavesport d series kayaks

Wavesport D Series

Smooth and stable, quick and maneuverable river running kayak.

Wavesport Fuse 48, 56 & 64 - whiteout Spec

Wavesport Fuse 48, 56 & 64 - WhiteOut Spec

Fusing together a river running kayak and a playboat to make a true all-rounder!

Wavesport Fuse 35

All round kayak designed for younger paddlers, ideal for progressing their skills.

wavesport mobius kayak

Wavesport Mobius

Fast and forgiving feestyle kayak / playboat.

Wavesport Vista tandem kayak

Wavesport Vista

Popular touring tandem that mixes speed with stability and easy handling.

Wavesport wavehopper kayak

Wavesport Wavehopper