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Watertight Barrel for canoeing


Durable canoe barrel with watertight seal and side handles. Available in 30 and 60 litre sizes.



30ltr Barrel: Height 53cm x Width 30cm

60ltr Barrel: Height 61cm x Width 38cm



From £32.95
CSG Canoe Painter Kit

CSG Canoe Painter Kit

The CSG Painter kit can be used to secure your canoe to a pontoon or a tree along the river bank, securing the bow/stern when loaded on a vehicle and can be used to pull you canoe alongside the bank, if you cannot paddle.


  • 2x 6mtrs Lenghts of Floating Rope.
  • 2x lengths of elasticated cord.


Canoe d rings


D - Rings are used for securing equipment to your canoe so that you can't lose anything overboard. These D - Rings are made from stainless steel and feature a heavy duty 28oz vinyl base.

  • For securing equipment into an open canoe.
  • SS Ring on heavy duty 28 oz. Vinyl as the base giving you a bomb proof gluing surface.
  • Base size 5" x 7".
  • Sold Individually.


Vinyl Tec 2000 Adhesive for canoes

Vinyl Tec 2000 Adhesive - 100ml

For bonding vinyl to ABS, fibreglass and kevlar.

  • Marine grade adhesive
  • 100ml