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Roof Rack Accessories

Roof Rack Straps, Protective Padding & Other Accessories For Transporting Kayaks and Open Canoes

Southampton Canoes stock a range of roof rack accessories such as straps, roof rack pads and locks. Roof rack CAM straps are used to secure your boat whilst transporting to and from the water. Diffrent lengths of straps are available depending on the width of your kayak and canoe. Protective foam roof rack padding provides more resistance when strapping down you water craft and protects both you roof rack bars and you boat from damage.

CSG Roof Rack Straps

roof rack straps from csg

The CSG Roof Rack Straps are sold as a pair and feature an alloy buckl with a neoprene pad to prevent damage.

  • Alloy buckle
  • Neoprene protection pad
  • 3m and 5m lengths available
  • Sold in pairs

CSG Roof Rack Pads

roof rack pads from csg

Foam core Roof Rack Pads for offering a more secure fit and to protect your roof rack and canoe or kayak from vibrations when driving.

  • Fits most square bar racks
  • Heavy duty polyyester cover
  • 40cm & 80cm lengths
  • Sold as a pair

Palm Roof Rack Pads

palm roof rack pads

A tough and durable set of roof rack pads made by palm that will fit most bar options.

  • Fits most styles of roof bar
  • Reinforced cordura cover material
  • 50cm & 80cm lengths
  • Sold as a pair

Kayak Security Cable

rack guard for locking kayaks

The Rack Guard security cable secures your kayak to your roof rack without the need for a padlock. Perfect for deterring opportunist thief's.

  • 4m Length
  • Plastic coated high-strength steel cable
  • Ball door or boot lock system
  • No pad lock required

Thule Lockable Straps 4M

thule 4 metre lockable roof rack straps

Pair of lockable roof rack straps with a steel core wire to prevent it being cut. These are perfect for securing your kayak to your roof rack and deterring opportunist thief's.

  • The light weight aluminium buckle.
  • Protective buckle cover.
  • Steel core wire protects against cutting.
  • Length: 2x400 cm

Handi Rack Inflatable Roof Rack

handi rack inflatable roof rack

The Handi Rack is an inflatable roof rack that can be easily fitted in minutes to most cars. It has a load capacity of 80kg and is ideal for carrying kayaks, surfboards etc.

  • 3m roof Rack straps included.
  • Fits almost all cars
  • Comes in a Storage bag.
  • Hand Pump included.

Thule Waterslide

Thule 839 Waterslide

A technical mat that protects your vehicle while loading and unloading your kayak/canoe.

  • Non-skid underside
  • Durable top "glide" layer
  • 2 bar straps hold mat in place
  • 92 x 61 x 1 cm