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Equipment For Kayaks and Canoeing

Equipment for Kayaking, Canoeing and watersports

Watersports equipment is important for enjoying your time as well as keeping safe. There are a variety of products designed for kayaking, kayak fishing, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding allowing you to make the most of your time on the water and boost the enjoyment and ease of participating in your hobby.

Sit On Top Equipment

Sit On Top kayaking equipment at Southamtpon Canoes

Sit on top kayaking equipment including backrests, paddle leashes, scupper bungs and trolleys.

Sea Kayaking Equipment

Touring and sea kayaking equipment for sale at Southampton Canoes

Equipment designed specifically for touring and sea kayaking including paddle floats, pumps and safety equipment

White Water Equipment

White water kayaking equipment for sale from Southampton Canoes

Equipment and accessories for paddling white water including spray decks, helmets and throw lines.

Open Canoeing Equipment

Canoeing equipment for sale from Southampton Canoes

Equipment and accessories for paddling Canadian Canoes including buoyancy blocks, seats, thwarts and yokes.

Kayak Fishing Equipment

Kayak fishing equipment for sale from Southampton canoes

Equipment for fishing from your kayak including fish finders, rod holders and anchor systems.

Hobie Kayaks Equipment

Hobie Kayak equipment

Equipment, Accessories and Replacement Parts for Hobie Mirage Kayaks.

Equipment for Inflatables

Inflatable Canoe & Kayak equipment

Equipment, Accessories and Replacement Parts for Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks.

Paddling for Kids

Kayaking & Canoeing Equipment for Kids

Junior Clothing, Gear for Kids, and Accessories for Canoeing & Kayaking.

Equipment By Type

Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy aids for kayaking and canoeing


kayak and canoe paddles

Backrests / Seats

seats and backrests for sit on top kayaks


spraydecks for sale at southampton canoes

Kayaking Helmets

Helmets for white water kayaking

Trolleys & Carts

kayak and canoe trolleys

Electric Outboard Motors

Electric Outboard Motors

Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing Rod Holders

Waterproof Dry Bags

dry bags and cases

Waterproof Luggage

waterproof bags and luggage

Phone Cases

waterproof phone cases

Storage Deck Bags

Deck Bags for Storage on Deck

Kayak Storage Accessories

Kayak roof carriers

Safety & Rescue Gear

Safety and Rescue Kayaking Equipment

Kayak Towlines

tow lines for kayaking

Throw lines & Throw Bags

throwlines for sale at southampton canoes

Paddle Floats

Kayak paddle floats

Fish Finders

Kayak fish Finders

First Aid Kits

Waterproof first aid kits

Anchoring Components

Kayak Fishing Anchors and Accessories

VHFs and PLBs

PLBs and VHFs for kayaking

Roof Rack Carriers

Roof Racks and Kayak Bars

Roof Rack Straps & Accessories

Roof rack straps

Spare Parts

Spare parts for kayaks and canoes

Air Bags & Buoyancy Blocks

canoe and kayak air bags and blocks