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Equipment For Kayaking & Canoeing


Equipment By Discipline

Sit On Top kayaking equipment at Southamtpon Canoes

Equipment for your sit on top kayak including backrests, paddle leashes, scupper bungs and trolleys.


Touring and sea kayaking equipment for sale at Southampton Canoes

Equipment designed specifically for touring and sea kayaking.


White water kayaking equipment for sale from Southampton Canoes

Equipment and accessories for paddling white water including spray decks, helmets and throw lines.


Canoeing equipment for sale from Southampton Canoes

Equipment for paddling Canadian Canoes including buoyancy blocks, seats, thwarts and yokes.

Kayak fishing equipment for sale from Southampton canoes

Equipment for fishing from your kayak including fish finders, rod holders and anchor systems.


Hobie Kayak equipment

Equipment made specifically for Hobie Mirage kayaks.


Equipment By Type

Buoyancy aids for kayaking and canoeing

Buoyancy aids are essential safety equipment for all types of paddling, available with different features tailored for each paddling discipline.

kayak and canoe paddles

Kayak paddles for all paddling disciplines.


seats and backrests for sit on top kayaks

Add a seat or backrest to your sit on top kayak for extra comfort on longer paddling trips.


spraydecks for sale at southampton canoes

Spraydecks protect you from splash and spray in order to keep your dry whilst paddling.


Helmets for white water kayaking

Kayak helmets are generally used for white water paddling in order to protect yourself from rock hits.

kayak and canoe trolleys

Take the strain out of moving your kayak with a trolley or cart - Perfect for transporting your kayak from the car to the waters edge.

Fishing Rod Holders

Add fishing rod holders to your kayak to turn it into an angling kayak or add extra rod holders for more convenient positioning.

Kayak fish Finders

Enhance your angling with a fish finder in order to locate shoals, marks and features.

Kayaking safety and rescue equipment

Safety equipment to ensure you're prepared for all situations.

VHF radios for sea kayaking

VHF radios are one of the best forms of communications for raising the alarm if you get into trouble on the water.


PLB personal locator beacon s for kayaking

Personal locator beacons for personal safety in the event of an issue whilst your on the water.


Waterproof first aid kits

First aid kits in waterproof dry bags, perfect for storing in the hatch of your kayak.

tow lines for kayaking

A range of tow lines for towing an injured or exhausted paddler to safety



throwlines for sale at southampton canoes

Throw lines are essential for white water paddling



Kayak paddle floats


Paddle floats are used to aid self rescue after capsizing.



Kayak roof carriers


Specific carriers to transport your kayak on your car roof rack.

Thule car roof racks


Thule car roof racks and fitting kits to fit almost all types of vehicles.

Roof rack straps

Straps for securing your kayak or canoe to your car roof rack.


Spare parts for kayaks and canoes

Spare parts and miscellaneous items for kayaks and canoes.


canoe and kayak air bags and blocks

Air bags and buoyancy blocks provide extra buoyancy and reduce the amount of water taken onboard in the event of capsizing.


dry bags and cases

Keep your personal items safe and dry whilst out paddling with a waterproof dry bag.


waterproof bags and luggage

Waterproof luggage to keep personal items nice and dry both on and off the water.


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