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Canoes for Families & Touring

Efficient and spacious open canoes with room for tandem or family paddling

Touring canoes are designed with long hull length and water lines to aid in straight line tracking. The spacious interior allows for multiple paddlers or you dog to get out on the water. The efficient design allows you to cover distance over sheltered waterways such as slow moving rivers, canals and river estuary such as the River Hamble.

We supply a wide range of Canadian Canoes from the leading canoe manufacturers including Enigma Canoes, Nova Craft, and Pelican Canoes. The canoes listed below are our most popular for touring and recreational paddling with the family. If you are looking for a canoe not listed, please follow the brand links on the left hand menu.

Popular Single Layer Canoes

Value For Money Cheap Open Canoe For A Family

Pelican 15'5

This sturdy, family-friendly canoe is great for cruising and sightseeing adventures, making it a great way to explore your local waterways.

Value For Money Cheap Open Canoe With Backrests For A Family

Pelican Explorer 14.6 DLX

The Pelican Explorer 14.6 Canoe is ready help you tackle fishing and camping adventures, fitted with supportive seats for all-day comfort. Whether it's an afternoon on the lake or an overnight getaway, the Pelican Explorer has you covered!


Popular Triple Layer Canoes

Old Town Canoes Discovery 133 Canoe

Old Town Discovery 133

The Discovery 133 offers paddlers a choice of paddling positions, with the bow, stern, and centre seats. Benefitting from a stable design and a sturdy construction for all adventures.

Enigma Canoes Tripper 14 an all-round design for 1/2/3 paddlers with a great material

Enigma Canoes Tripper 14

The Enigma Tripper 14 is a general all-rounder for paddlers looking for portability, solo use or for family outings.

Old Town Canoes Discovery 158 Canoe

Old Town Discovery 158

One of the best canoes for all round paddling, great fun for family paddling, touring, activity centres and more.

Enigma Canoes prospector sport canadian canoe made in the North america

Enigma Canoes Prospector Sport

The Enigma Prospector Sport is a canoe for people looking for great durability without compromising on perfomance, with pointed bow and stern, this is the perfect canoe for most paddlers.

Old Town Canoes Discovery 169 Canoe

Old Town Discovery 169

A reliable and hardy open canoe designed to paddle long distances and provide high performance even when loaded with gear.

Enigma Canoes Journey 164 in Green for heavy duty use and commercial operators

Enigma Canoes Journey 164

The Enigma Canoes' Journey 164 is deisgned for maximum carrying capacity and durability, this canoe is suited for living by the river and heavy duty use either recreationally or by tour/hire operators.

Old Town Canoes Penobscot 164 Canoe

Old Town Penobscot 164

The Old Town Penobscot 164 is fast and agile, featuring a shallow arch bottom and slight rocker. An ideal choice for paddlers looking for a versatile tripping canoe.

Old Town Canoes Penobscot 174 Canoe

Old Town Penobscot 174

The Old Town Prenobscot 174 with it's extensive waterline has a huge carrying capacity along with impressive tracking due to it's length.

Enigma Canoes square stern canoe for motorising and powering your canandian style canoe

Enigma Canoes Square Stern

The Enigma Canoes' Square Stern is perfect for paddlers or fisherman looking to motorise their river experience and stay dry and stable while exploring their waterways or estuaries

Nova Craft Prospector 15 canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 15 SP3

The Prospector 15 is a scaled-down version of our larger Prospectors that's faithful to the original lines in every way. You get all the great handling features that make the Prospector a paddling legend, in a package that's a bit smaller and more responsive.

Nova Craft Prospector 16 Canadian Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 16 SP3

The Prospector 16' feels most at home loaded with gear on a remote wilderness lake or river. While it is best suited for river tripping, it remains versatile enough to be a good all round canoe.

Nova Craft Prospector 17 canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3

If you want a canoe for all the family, the dog and kit then this is the canoe to get. Huge carrying capacity for touring.


Lightweight Composite Family Canoes

Nova Craft PAL Canadian canoe

Nova Craft Pal 16 - TuffStuff

The Pal 16 is a tandem canoe with a lovely traditonal design, which is ideal for gentle touring, sightseeing, and crusing your local waterways.

Nova Craft Prospector 15 TuffStuff canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 15 - TuffStuff

The Prospector 15 is a classic design boasting high stability and responsiveness, truly at home in deeper moving water in the hands of a capable paddler.

Nova Craft Bob Special Canadain Canoe

Nova Craft Bob Special - TuffStuff

The Bob Special is one of the most versatile canoes on the market. The hull width provides great stability yet it has been optimized for performance, resulting in high efficiency.


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We stock the largest range of Canadian Open Canoes on the South Coast from the leading brands. Please contact us if you need any more information or help on choosing the correct canoe for you.