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Types of Canoes & Kayaks

Sit On Top Style Kayaks

Sit On Top Kayaks and Canoes

Sit On Top Kayaks are stable and easy to paddle on the sea and inland waters. They are perfect for those new to kayaking as well as experienced paddlers.

Fishing Kayaks

Sit On Top Kayaks and Canoes

Sit On Top Kayaks designed for Kayak Fishing - outfitted with accessories such as rod holders.

Open Cockpit Touring Kayaks

Open cockpit touring kayaks

Open cockpit touring kayaks are designed for recreational kayaking on flat water with maximum comfort and space.

Touring Kayaks

touring kayaks

Touring kayaks are designed for comfort on longer paddling trips. An ideal way of getting out and exploring the waterways the south coast has to offer.

Sea Kayaks

sea kayaks

Sea kayaks have longer hulls than touring kayaks for a faster, more stable ride in rougher conditions and to cover longer distances.

Inflatable Canoes

inflatable canoes

Inflatable canoes are the perfect answer to those who are unable to transport or store a traditional kayak. Designed for recreational paddling on flat water and can be inflated easily.  

Canadian Canoes

canadian canoes

Traditional Canadian canoes for recreational paddling along rivers, lakes and canals. We stock a wide range of canoes in different lengths from the leading brands including Enigma, Pelican, Nova Craft and Old Town.

Crossover Kayaks

Cross over kayaks

Crossover kayaks are the SUV of the kayak world - 1 kayak that does everything. Perfect for the paddler who wants to spend one day exploring the coastline then the next paddling down some rapids.

White Water Kayaks

white water kayaks

White Water Kayaks for running rapids and steep creeks. Wide range available from the leading brands