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Open Cockpit Touring Kayaks

Stable Touring Kayaks with Large Open Cockpits for Flat Water Paddling

Open cockpit touring kayaks are designed for recreational kayaking on flat water with maximum comfort and space. As the name suggests, these kayaks have open cockpits meaning the paddle has a open feeling rather than an enclosed cockpit.

Open cockpit touring kayaks are very stable and easy to paddle - perfect for recreational paddling on lakes, canals, sheltered coastline and estuaries .

Riot Quest 9.5

Riot Quest 9.5

  • Wide stable hull design for pottering and exploring sheltered waters.
  • Large open cockpit for ease of entry and exit from the kayak.
  • Lightweight and easy to manouver off the water and onto a car roof.
Riot Quest 10 HV

Riot Quest 10 HV

  • Stable and wide kayak with a large cockpit opening.
  • Suited for larger paddlers up to a maxiumum weight capacity of 159kg.
  • At home on lakes, canals and other sheltered inland waterways.
Old Town Ocean Kayak Heron 9XT

Old Town Heron 9XT

The Old Town Heron 9XT is a sub 10 foot touring kayak perfect for anyone looking to get into the sport and have a well built kayak with plenty of features.

Old Town Ocean Kayak Heron 11XT

Old Town Heron 11XT

The Old Town Heron 11XT provides the great balance of stability and comfort for beginning and recreational paddlers. Featuring a padded Comfort Flex Seat for support and a stern hatch for storage.

Old Town Ocean Kayak Sorrento 106

Old Town Sorrento 106

The Old Town Sorrento 106SK is designed for beginner & intermediate paddlers to feel confident on the water. Featuring a drop-down skeg and the comfortable ACS2 Seating.

Old Town Ocean Kayak Sorrento 126

Old Town Sorrento 126

The Old Town Sorrento 126SK is a great choice for first time paddlers, or those with a bit of experience under their belt. With great tracking and stability, this kayak is ideal for extended journeys.

Tandem Open Cockpit Kayaks
Image of the Riot Bayside Tandem Open Cockpit Kayak

Riot Bayside

The Bayside 15 Tandem kayak is a great option for adventures with a partner. With its versatile design, this kayak is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

prodigy II from perception kayaks

Perception Prodigy II

  • Tandem touring kayak with a large cockpit opening offering a large storage space.
  • Stable and wide hull which tracks well in a straight line.
  • At home on lakes, canals and other sheltered inland waterways.