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Open Cockpit Touring Kayaks

Stable Touring Kayaks with Large Open Cockpits for Flat Water Paddling

Open cockpit touring kayaks are designed for recreational kayaking on flat water with maximum comfort and space. As the name suggests, these kayaks have open cockpits meaning the paddle has a open feeling rather than an enclosed cockpit.

Open cockpit touring kayaks are very stable and easy to paddle - perfect for recreational paddling on lakes, canals, sheltered coastline and estuaries .

Riot Quest 9.5

Riot Quest 9.5

Lightweight, stable and easy to paddle - perfect for pottering and exploring sheltered waters.

Riot Quest 10 HV

Riot Quest 10 HV

Recreational touring kayak with a large open cockpit - larger than the smaller Quest 9.5.

perception sundance kayak

Perception Sundance

Stable and easy paddling open cockpit touring kayak. Perfect for all abilities.

prodigy II from perception kayaks

Perception Prodigy II

Tandem open cockpit touring kayak.