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White Water Kayaks For Sale

Southampton Canoes sell and stock a wide range of white water playboats for freestyle kayaking, river running kayaks for all round white water paddling and creek boats for big white water.


We have kayaks for all abilities from novice to expert and stock the leading brands including Wavesport Kayaks, Dagger Kayaks, Riot Kayaks and Jackson Kayaks

freestyle playboats for sale at southampton canoes

Freestyle & Playboats

Modern playboats are short, stubby and slicey, designed for pulling off the latest aerial tricks and cartwheels and flat water moves. Playboats are mainly used for park and play spots on river features such as holes and standing waves, however can be used for river running aswell if you want to spend a day traveling down river and playing in every feature. These are also perfect for practice for flat water freestyle.

river running white water kayaks for sale at southampton canoes

River Running & River Play

River running kayaks are designed to provide confidence with medium volume hulls for all grades of white water. With less volume than a creek boat these kayaks are extremely manoeuvrable River Play or 'Half slice' kayaks are generally longer than your average playboat, designed to give you more speed when running river while still being able to be thrown around in a hole or play on a wave.

White Water Creek Kayaks

Creek boats are high volume kayaks with plenty of rocker designed to power through some of the most powerful holes and stoppers and resurface quickly. The added volume makes these kayaks ideal for high volume big white water runs, technical and steep rapids and hucking waterfalls where confidence in you boat is needed. However due to the size and bulk these may not be as agile as a river runner.

Kayaks For Children

These boats have less volume and the smaller design features allow good boat connectivity for your child. Children's boats have a few different styles, so if they're looking for some recreational paddling, learning the fundamental skills of kayaking, looking into the beginnings of touring/sea kayaking or even learning to white water kayak, we've got it covered.