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White Water Creek Kayaks

Large Volume White Water Kayaks for Paddling Large Rivers and Steep Creeks

White water creek boats are designed to be high in volume, rocker and connectivity to descend high volume and steep creeks. Their high volume means that they are able to cope with high water levels and volume staying on top of the water instead of being sucked down in boils. The creeker offers great confidence when being paddled and allows for soft hits from waterfalls and drops. Creek kayaks are quick but also nimble allowing you to catch and hold your line, power through rapids, boof holes and carry your speed away from danger.


titan watercraft kayaks dragon creek white water boat

Titan Dragon

  • High volume creek boat for confidence pushing your limits.
  • Quick hull design with rails and great edge control.
  • Created for progression with all levels of paddler.
  • Adjustable and connective Reactor outfitting.
dagger code in red designed for white water kayak

Dagger Code S,M,L - Creek Spec

  • High preformance down river kayak with a semi-planning hull.
  • Dialed in for steep creeking, waterfall descents and classic river running.
  • Created for all levels of paddler.
  • Top end adjustable Creeker Outfitting.
wavesport phoenix kayaks

Wavesport Phoenix

  • Fast 9ft raceing hull.
  • Large bow rocker with a wide stern.
  • CORE Creek Seat, Leg Lifter and adjustable outfitting.
  • Large 348L volume for a predictability.
Riot Magnum

Riot Magnum

  • High buoyancy to provide stability in boils and eddy lines.
  • Volume distribution making the kayak predictable when resurfacing.
  • Excellent for begginer building skills on high volume river runs.
  • Cost effective and includes buoyancy air bags.
wavesport recon white water kayak

Wavesport Recon

  • CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System
  • Forward Ratcheting Backband
  • Quick Fore/Aft Seat Adjustment
  • Auto-Adjusting Bulkhead Footbrace with Foam Padding
jackson kayaks nirvana white water kayak

Jackon Nirvana

  • Smooth and quick 9ft semi-planning race hull
  • Nimble edges for tight turns and catching eddy's with speed
  • Large rocker profile to keep you high and dry over holes and features.
  • Adjustable and dry outffiting design

River running kayaks and creek boats from Dagger, Riot Kayaks, Wavesport & Jackson Kayaks.

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