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Canoe & Kayak Racks

Accesories to make loading and transporting your boat both easier and safer.

Racks and carriers have been designed to not only to make transporting your kayak or canoe easier but also protect it. When strapping down a boat onto your roofrack flat on its hull, you run the risk of damaging its structure and shape. By using specially designed Cradles, Uprights or Padding you can prolong the life of your water craft. The use of racks and cradles mean that you can secure multiple boats safley onto your roof and make loading and unloading simple.

Roof Rack Upright Bars

These attachments divide your roof rack space into two sections, making it easier to load and secure multiple kayaks at once.

Padded Kayak Uprights

Padded Kayak Uprights

Designed for square bar roof racks, these Padded Upright Bars provide a secure and sturdy attachment for kayaks. With a firm clamp, they create a fixed point to safely secure your kayak during transportation.


Eckla Foldable Supports

Padded Kayak Uprights

The Eckla Foldable Supports are 40 cm upright bars which attach to your roof rack, to help transport multiple kayaks. These uprights can be folded flat to reduce height and wind resistance when not in use.


Thule Kayak Stacker

Thule Folding Uprights 520-1

The Thule Kayak Stacker simplifies transporting multiple kayaks. With its high quality construction and convenient foldaway design, this attachment offers a professional solution for securing your kayaks.


Kayak Cradles and Supports

These attachments offer an easy and convenient solution for transporting a single kayak or canoe on your roof rack. Providing the best support and security for peace of mind.

Kajak Sport J-Carrier

kajak sport j-carrier kayak carrier

A Padded J-Cradle with the option to be fitted to Square Bar or Wing Bar roof rack systems. The secure fit allows you to transport your kayak on its side maximising the space on your roof rack to add a second kayak or bike rack.

  • Secure bracket fixing
  • Built in paddle holder
  • Available option to fit Thule Square/Oval bars
  • Available option to fit Thule Wing Bar

Thule Hull-A-Port XTR

Thule Hull-A-Port XTR  kayak carrier

A Padded J-Cradle with the option to be fitted to ProBar or Wing Bar roof rack systems.

  • Dual position design that transforms from a J-cradle to an upright position to transport upto two kayaks
  • Cradle folds flat when not in use
  • Integrated StrapCatch for easy strap management when loading kayak
  • Fully assembled out of the box

Thule Hull-A-Port Aero 849

Thule Hull-A-Port Aero 849  kayak carrier

Easily foldable kayak J cradle that has been designed to be extremely aerodynamic. Compatible with both squarebar and wingbar roof rack systems.

  • Aerodynamic design
  • Fold down design
  • Integrated StrapCatch to hold cam straps when loading
  • Theft resistant locks included

Thule DockGlide 896 Kayak Carrier

Thule DockGlide 896 Kayak & SUP Carrier

Easy loading and transport with feet to spread the weight of the kayak

  • Pivoting felt-lined rear saddles that help glide and centre your kayak onto the vehicle
  • Transports kayaks up to 90 cm wide and 35 kg
  • Protects the hull with large, flexible, cushioned pads

Thule DockGrip 895 Kayak Carrier

Thule DockGrip 895 Kayak Carrier

Kayak carrier with adjustable saddles that conform to your kayak's hull shape.

  • The design allows a variety of hull shapes as well as SUPs with two independent pivoting saddles with angle-setting lever
  • Transports kayaks and SUPs up to 90 cm wide and weighing up to 40 kg
  • Protects the hull with large, flexible, cushioned pads

Thule K-Guard 840 Kayak Carrier inc lockable straps

Thule k-guard kayak carrier

Secure and protective fit for a range of kayaks with u-shaped kayak carrier includes lockable transport straps.

  • U-shaped kayak carrier
  • Lockable securing straps included
  • Tilting action for ease loading and unloading

Kayak lift assist accessories

Thule Hullavator Pro 898

Thule Hullavator Pro 898

Load assist cradle style kayak carrier which lifts 18kgs of the boats weight when loading onto your car roof. Designed to fold down flat when not in use to imporve aerodynamics.

  • Gas-assist struts to lift and lower 18 kg of the kayak's weight
  • Load/unload and strap your kayak at waist height
  • 8 touch points of padded support to protect your kayak
  • Each carrier carries 1 kayak

RUK load assister

RUK load assister

A slide bar style load assister designed to help one person load a boat onto their roof without taking the whole weight of the craft.

  • Side loading slide bar design
  • Reduces the amount of weight you have to lift
  • Clamps to a standard SquareBar style roofrack
  • Bar extends out up to 650mm

Canoe Carrier

Thule Portage 819 Canoe Carrier

Thule Portage 819 Canoe Carrier

Canoe carrier that prevents side to side movement during transport.

  • Cushioned padding prevents damage and helps to keep your boat secure
  • Transports canoes weighing up to 40 kg
  • Easily adjustable to fit each size canoe that you may need to transport