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Kayak and Canoe Bundles

Popular Canoes and Kayaks with package options

ooking for easy and affordable ways to experience canoeing and kayaking? Our premade bundles offer everything you need, including high-quality canoes and kayaks, paddles, and life jackets. With our expert-selected packages, you can hit the water and start exploring in no time.

Single Seater Kayak Bundles

A selection of some of our most popular kayaks for solo paddlers, which we've bundled together with handy equipment and accessories, so you can purchase everything you'll need to hit the water in one go!

Riot Edge 11 Package

Riot Edge 11 Touring Kayak Package

This sleek and stable kayak is a perfect choice for both coastal and inland adventures. Add some edge to your kayaking experience today.


Riot Enduro 12 Package

Riot Enduro 12 Touring Kayak Package

A fun and stable touring kayak which optimises storage allowing you to equip yourself with everything needed for a longer day on the water.


Riot Enduro 13 Package

Riot Enduro 13 Touring Kayak Package

An touring kayak which optimises its length and width to offer speed & and stability, boosting confidence for exploring & longer journeys.


Tandem Kayak & Canoe Bundles

A selection of some of our most popular 2-seater canoes & kayaks, with premade packages that include appropriate and highly recommended extras, so you can purchase everything worry free!

Riot Bayside Tandem Package

Riot Bayside Tandem Package

A great option for adventures with a partner. With its versatile design, this kayak is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers alike.


Pelican 15'5 Canoe Package

Pelican 15'5 Recreational Canoe Package

A family-sized canoe for recreational paddling adventures on your favourite rivers. This canoe offer plenty of room for carrying extra gear too!