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Buoyancy Aids For Canoeing & Kayaking

Buoyancy Aids and PFDs for kayaking and open canoeing

Buoyancy aids are an essential item of safety equipment for all types of canoeing, kayaking and water sports. We stock a comprehensive range of buoyancy aids for sit on tops, white water, touring and SUPing from the best brands available with something for every budget. Whitewater PFDs are designed with extra safety features such as quick release harness, safety knife holders and large pockets for rescue equipment. Sea kayaking BAs feature comfortable body shaped foam design for all day comfort with pockets for VHF radios. Buoyancy aids are grouped by type, please see below pages to view our range. Note: Lifejackets are recommended for non swimmers and young children.

Multi Purpose
Buoyancy Aids

Simple functional buoyancy aids for recreational paddling in kayaks, canoes and sit on tops. Available in a range of sizes for adults and children

Touring & Sea Kayaking
Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy Aids for Sea Kayaking

Buoyancy aids designed for touring and sea kayaking. Very comfortable and packed with features for paddling longer distances such as extra pockets and a drink pack holder.

White Water & River
Buoyancy Aids

White Water Buoyancy Aids

PFDs and buoyancy aids designed for white water and rescue situations. Available with higher buoyancy required for paddling big white water rivers.

Dog Lifejackets

Pet buoyancy aids for sale in uk

Keep your dog safe on the water with a petfloat. Available in a range of sizes to ensure the correct for for safety