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Helmets for Canoeing & Kayaking

Helemts for Sea Kayaking, Surfing, White Water & Water Sports

Helmets are essential for white water kayaking, Sea kayak rock hopping and surfing alongside a range of other watersports. Helmets vary offering large size ranges to offer the perfect level of fit, comfort and protection for your safety on the water. Southampton Canoes have a wide range in stock in various designs.

sweet protection rocker white water kayak helmet

The ultimate white water river running and water fall plunging helmet. Designed for maximum protection and comfort for high grade white water runs. The go to helmet for head safety on the water.

sweet protection wanderer white water kayak helmet

Comfortable, durable and stylish. The Wanderer is perfect for introduction to low grade rapids for beginners to high class IV white water river running and playboating.

palm shuck half cut and palm shuck full cut kayak helmet

Comfortable and easily adjustable white water helmet available in both half cut or full cut.

sweet protection strutter sea kayaking, playboating and white water kayak helmet

A protective helmet with a stylish 'baseball cap' design, favoured by freestyle playboaters and sea kayakers, thanks to the low-profile shape and the rigid peak.

wrsi kayak helmet

Advanced helmet with all the safety required for high-impact use at an affordable price.

WRSI Current Pro white water kayak helmet

Removable ear pads and a stylish visor improve protection and comfort.

palm ap4000 general purpose watersports helmet ideal for centres and scout groups

Entry level helmet for all round watersports use. Perfect for beginners and centres.

nrs havoc kayak helmet wiht one size fits all design

One size fits all helmet with interchangeable pads.

We can supply paddling helmets from all the leading brands of helmets including Palm, NRS, Yak, Sweet, WRSI and more. Please contact us if you have any questions.