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Our most popular sea kayaks from the most popular sea kayak brands

Down here on the south coast of the UK, we are lucky to have the stunning scenery offered by our unique coastline. Sea kayaking is a great way to explore these amazing areas, whether you fancy a day out in the sun, or a multi-day expedition trip.

Here at Southampton Canoes we stock and sell a wide range of sea kayaks from the leading brands including Norse, Valley, North Shore, Perception, and Riot.

Popular Single-Layer Sea Kayaks
Riot Brittany 16.5

Riot Brittany 16.5

The Riot Brittany 16.5 is a budget-friendly and durable sea kayak, ideal for a day of fun on the water, featuring a skeg and built-in rudder system that allows you to confidently navigate the waters.

Perception Essence Sea Kayaks

Perception Essence 16 & 17

The Perception Essence sea kayaks offer a predictable and forgiving feel on the water, without sacrificing efficiency. With the Zone EXP outfitting and TruTrak Skeg, they are a great choice for paddlers of all abilities, looking for adventure on the water!

Popular Triple-Layer Sea Kayaks
The Design Kayaks Unplugged Triple Layer Sea Kayak

Design Kayaks Unplugged

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A sturdy and well-performing design, perfect for skill development and improving paddling technique. With its deployable Kajak Sport Skeg, you'll have enhanced tracking, allowing you to confidently navigate through rough tides and strong winds.

The Design Kayaks Awesome Triple Layer Sea Kayak

Design Kayaks Awesome

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A versatile and lightweight sea kayak, perfect for surfing waves and rock hopping along the coastline. With its deployable Kajak Sport Skeg, the Awesome is also ideal for day trips, or extended journeys along your favourite river.

valley etain rm sea kayak

Valley Sirona RM

Valley Sirona RM is a versatile sea kayak designed for high performance. Streamlined and responsive, it is stable enough for novice paddlers yet playful enough for experienced paddlers. Perfect for river day trips, coastal exploration, rock-hopping, and surfing.

atlantic rm from northshore kayaks

Northshore Atlantic RM

Paddle with confidence in the North Shore Atlantic, offering reliable tracking and smooth handling. The hull is designed for good speed in both calm and rough conditions, making it an ideal pick for paddler skill progression.

valley etain rm sea kayak

Valley Etain RM

The Valley Etain Expedition Sea Kayak is an ideal choice for long-distance paddling trips. Its ample storage, highly efficient tracking and predictable nature make it the perfect craft for exploring the open seas.

valley Gemini SP RM sea kayak

Valley Gemini SP RM

The Valley Gemini SP is a fun, playful and agile ocean play boat that is ideal for a range of paddlers

northshore aspect rm touring kayak made in the UK

Northshore Aspect RM

A soft-chined kayak with long waterline to increase directional speed and provide better straight-line tracking over longer journeys. Offering a wider hull profile than longer kayaks, the Aspect provides stability for rougher waters.

Popular Composite Sea Kayaks
Norse Idun composite kayaks

Norse Idun

Inspired by a Greenland design with hard chines. The Idun is at home in rough waters around the coastline of the UK. The smaller lower volume version of the Norse Bylgja makes this ideal for a lighterweight paddler looking for a lighter, shorter and more playful version for their body build.

Norse Kayaks Bylgja black and white composite kayaks

Norse Bylgja

High Quality, Composite Sea Kayak With Hard Chine Design. Designed to be at home in rough waters and the surf perfect for UK coastline, fit for the larger paddler.

Popular Composite Sea Kayaks Available To Order
northshore Atlantic Evolution Composite kayaks

Northshore Atlantic Evolution

The Atlantic Evolution offers both a high preformace design with high quality construction.

northshore voyager Evolution Composite kayaks

Northshore Voyager Evolution

The Voyager Evolution is Northshore's full on expedition kayak. Designed to be stiff and effortless over distance with the composite construction and long hull length. The high volume hull design provides vast storage space which extends the full length of the kayak separated with bulkheads allowing you to load up for a self-supported multiday and fit all of your gear.

Valley Etain Composite kayaks

Valley Etain

The Etain is an Expedition style boat with a contemporary feel. The Etain is suitable for those looking for a long sea boat with high volume for storage allowing you to fit all your kit for self-supported multi-day trips and adventures. Available in two sizes.

Valley Sirona Composite kayaks

Valley Sirona

The Sirona is an all round day touring sea kayak designed to be as enjoyable in the surf around the Jurassic Coast as it is for a short distance overnight trip to the isle of wight.

Valley Gemini ST sea kayak

Valley Gemini ST

At 37.5lbs (17kg) the first thing you'll notice about the ST is how light and easy it is to handle. Whether carrying the kayak on your shoulder or loading it on your car, it takes the chore out of getting to the water.

Valley Gemini SP sea kayak

Valley Gemini SP

The SP's increased rocker, greater bow volume, harder chines, and flatter mid-hull cross-section, all contribute to its performance in the rough. It's extremely nimble, surfs exceedingly well, and avoids pearling.