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Buoyancy Aids for Touring & Sea Kayaking

Touring Buoyancy Aids are designed to be comfortable for sea kayaking and day touring for long periods of time. These buoyancy aids have unrestricted range of movement for paddling combined with functional features such as hydration pockets, VHF pockets and multiple adjustment points to ensure a comfortable fit.

YAK Xipe

Yak XIPE Touring Buoyancy Aid

A stylish buoyancy aid with a compact design, boasting plentiful storage pockets.


Peak Tourlite Zip

Peak UK Tourlite Zip PFD

A comfortable, highly visable buoyancy aid, with super spacious front pockets.


Palm Peyto

Palm Peyto PFD

Close fitting touring buoyancy aid made with comfort foam and featuring hidden handwarmers.


Palm Kaikoura

palm kaikoura sea kayaking buoyancy aid

Popular sea kayaking buoyancy aid that sets the standard in its class. Suitable for both beginners and expert paddlers.


Palm Riff PFD

Palm Riff PFD

The Palm Riff PFD is a stylish and practical buoyancy aid, great for a variety of watersports.


Palm Womens Peyto

Palm Womens Peyto PFD

Low profile and close fittting touring bouyancy aid with a womes specific cut.




A medium profile PFD for recreational padddlers, featuring a ventilated, thin-back design for comfort with any type of seat.


Peak PS Explorer Zip

peak uk explorer zip sea kayaking buoyancy aid

Popular sea kayaking buoyancy aid with paddlers in the south coast. With comfort, freedom of movement and spacious pockets.


Astral Blue Jacket

astral blue jacket - cherry creek red Buoyancy Aids

Designed for experianced sea kayakers looking for a long lasting and comfortable buoyacny aid for all day or multi day use.


Fishing Buoyancy Aids

Palm Kola Angler PFD

Palm Kola Agler fishing PFD

Comfortable high back design and front entry, the Kola Angler has pleanty of storage and featurs for any kayak fisher.



NRS cVest Touring Buoyancy Aids

High backed buoyancy aid for touring, sea kayaking and fishing.


NRS Chinook PFD

NRS Chinook Fishing Buoyancy Aids

Designed for Kayak Angling and Touring, the Chinook is a top of the range buoyancy aid packed with features for fishing.


Astral V-Eight Buoyancy Aid

Astral V-Eight Buoyancy Aid Burnt Orange

Astral have created a high quality modern high back buoyancy aid providing maximum comfort when paddling kayaks with high back rests.

Southampton Canoes stock touring buoyancy aids from NRS, Palm, Peak. If you can't find what you're looking then please contact us to see if we can order in your desired buoyancy aid.