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Throwlines For Kayaking

Throw Lines for White Water Kayak Safety

Throwlines are essential piece of kit for white water safety. we stock the most popular range of throwlines in different sizes to suit your requirements.

HF Compact Classic 20m

Compact Classic Throwline from HF

Fast deploying throwline with high accuracy in a compact package.

  • 750g.
  • 20m x 8.5 rope.


HF Weasel 18m

HF Weasel throwlines for kayaking

An extremely compact throwline that is ideal for fitting into kayaks with limited storage space.

  • 18m x 7.5mm rope
  • D-Ring fixing point

HF Little Fish

HF little fish throwline for kayaking

The Little Fish has been designed to be small enough to fit in you PFD or in your boat.

  • 9m x 7.5mm rope
  • Closure with push button
  • System loops (for belt attachment)


Available to order.

Please contact us to find out more.

Palm Lightning 18m Throwline

Palm Lightning Throwlines for sale at Southampton Canoes

The Palm Lighting is a compact and easy to store Throwline which can be kept in within reach until needed.

  • 18m x 8mm
  • Quick Release belt and Zambezi belt compatible
  • Quick to deploy and pack

Palm Pro Throwlines

Palm Pro Throwlines for sale at Southampton Canoes

The Palm Pro Throwline range are designed to be adaptable and heavy duty with wide neck openings.

  • 10 kN static breaking strength
  • Up to 25 m of 11 mm‚ high visibility‚ floating polypropylene cored rope
  • Shockcord neck closure

Peak UK Throwline

Peak uk Throwline

Peak UK Throw line avilable in 15m or 20m. This throwline is easy to throw and quick to pack away, featuring a click button neck closure.

  • 15m x 9.5mm or 20m x 9.5mm

Quick Release Belts

Peak PS Guide Belt

guide belt

Quick release belt for use while kayaking or canoeing. Compatible alonside the Peak PS throwline range allowing you to keep your bag on your person.


Price:£33.15 (RRP £39.00 - Saving £5.85)

Palm Quick Rescue Belt

Palm Quick Release Belt

38mm webbing padded belt for carrying a towline or throwline around the waist‚ with quick-release buckle and durable materials for river rescue and professional use.


Price:£35.20 (RRP £44.00 - Saving £8.80)