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Multi Purpose Kayaks

These are the most popular general purpose kayaks available in the UK, perfect for all round paddling including light touring, moderate white water and flat water paddling.

Crossover Kayaks

Wavesport Ethos White Out spec kayak

Wavesport Ethos - WhiteOut

  • Elongated crossover planning hull for flat water touring and river running.
  • White water inspired edges and rails for agility for river or coastal surfing.
  • Drop down tracking skeg to increase straight line tracking whilest touring.
  • Rear oval storage hatch with sealed bulkhead for food, clothing or camping gear.
dagger kantana general purpose kayak

Dagger Katana Action Spec

  • Longer hull length over traditional whitewater kayaks to offer touring ability.
  • Sealed bulk head with storage hatch in the stern for kit, food or overnight gear.
  • Deployable tracking skeg fin for increased straight line tracking over distance.
  • Whitewater inspired hull, rocker and edge design for agility when river running.

General Purpose River Kayaks.

Riot Boogie

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

  • Quick planning hull alongside defined rails for carrying speed throguh rapids.
  • Bow rocker offers manouverbility and helps to ride over features.
  • Defined rails make this kayak catch and carveing easy on standing waves.
  • Well balancesd volume through out the boat provides stability and predictability.
dagger gt series kayaks

Dagger GT - Club

  • Favored by clubs, scouts and coaches for its general purpose design.
  • Confidence inspiring, predictable and responsive planning hull design.
  • The go to beginner river running kayak for ease of rolling and stability.
  • Available in cost effective Club outfitting.

General purpose and crossover kayaks from Dagger, Wavesport and Liquid Logic are  available from Southampton Canoes.