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Multi Purpose Kayaks

These are the most popular general purpose kayaks available in the UK, perfect for all round paddling including light touring, moderate white water and flat water paddling.

Premium Specification

wavesport ethos core spec

Wavesport Ethos 9 & 10 - Core

A Do-It-All kayak, the Ethos can run rapids, ride the surf and when the skeg is deployed it is also good for touring.

  • Adjustable, Contoured Hip Pads
  • Quick Fore/Aft Seat Adjustment
  • Rotomolded Play Seat with Adjustable Ratcheting Leg Lifter
  • CORE WhiteOut Outfitting System
  • Adjustable, Padded Thigh Braces
  • Forward Ratcheting Backband
  • Welded-in Hull Beam
River spec Dagger Katana

Dagger Katana - River Spec

Crossover kayak that cantakes elements from the Dagger Mamba and adapts them into a kayak that can tackle both white water and touring.

  • Contour Ergo Creek Seat
  • Contour leg lifter
  • Contour hip pads
  • Adjustable thigh grips
  • Full plate bulkhead footrest
  • Large oval rear hatch
  • Sealed bulkhead
  • Carry handles
  • Front & rear deck bungee
  • Drop down skeg

Standard Specification

Riot Boogie

Riot Thunder 65 & 76

All-out river running machine that enables you to paddle sections of white water with confidence.

  • Unity seating system
  • Floating backrest
  • Suregrip thighbraces
  • Adjustable creek footbrace
Wavesport Ethos Core Spec

Wavesport Ethos 9 & 10 - WhiteOut

The Ethos is a stable, forgiving, performance-minded crossover kayak that offers a confidence-building introduction to paddling all the way up to class III whitewater. 

  • Ratchet backband
  • Adjustable padded thigh braces
  • Hinged comfort carry hip pads
  • Adjustable Pedal Footrest
  • Drop down skeg
dagger gt action spec kayaks

Dagger GT - Action Spec

The Dagger GT has a fast hull that slices through the rapids, rides the surf and even paddles nicely on the calmer sections of your river run.

  • Contour Lite seat pad

  • Gear loops

  • Hip pad ready

  • Contour Lite backrest

  • Thighbrace mounted double ratchet adjustment

  • Adjustable thighbrace

  • GTS‚ GT: adjustable full plate bulkhead footbrace

  • GTX, GT Max: volume adjustable full plate bulkhead footbrace

dagger kantana general purpose kayak

Dagger Katana Action Spec

Crossover kayak that can handle the rivers and perform well as a tourer.

  • Adjustable thighbraces
  • Fixed seat with backrest
  • Full plate bulkhead footrest
  • Sealed bulkhead
  • Large oval rear hatch
  • Carry handles
  • Front & rear deck bungee

Kayaks for Children

Dagger Dynamo 7.4 childs kayak

Dagger Dynamo 7.4

The dynamo has been designed specifically for junior paddlers and is perfect for flat water, easy whitewater and general skills work.

Available in either Action Spec or Club Spec.

Dagger Axiom 6.9 kids kayak

Dagger Axiom 6.9

The Axiom 6.9 is a scaled down version of the regular Axiom for younger paddlers to take on challenging white water.

Available in either Action Spec or Club Spec.


General purpose and crossover kayaks from Dagger, Wavesport and Liquid Logic are  available from Southampton Canoes.