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Dagger Kayaks


Dagger Kayaks are made in the UK and in the US - Southampton Canoes can supply the entire range of Dagger Kayaks, please contact us if you are looking for a model that's not listed.

dagger kantana general purpose kayak

Dagger Katana Action Spec

Crossover kayak that can handle the rivers and perform well as a tourer.

  • Adjustable thighbraces

  • Fixed seat with backrest

  • Full plate bulkhead footrest

  • Sealed bulkhead

  • Large oval rear hatch

  • Carry handles

  • Front & rear deck bungee

dagger gt series kayaks

Dagger GTS | GT | GTX | GT MAX

The Dagger GT series are classic all round white water kayaks.

  • Available in River & Action outfittings


dagger rewind white water kayak

Dagger Rewind - Pre-Order Now!

White water kayak designed for river play, surfing and general purpose paddling. 

  • Contour Ergo Creek seat and seat pad
  • Contour Ergo Creek hip pads
  • Adjustable leg lifter
  • Adjustable ratchet Contour Ergo backband
  • Adjustable thighbrace
  • Contour Ergo adjustable bulkhead footbrace
  • Intergrated Step-Out Piller
  • Outfitting kit for personalisation incl. seat booster seat pad
  • Grab Handles
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dagger axiom kayak

Dagger Axiom

Great for river running, surfing and general white water paddling.

  • Available in Ergo River & Action outfittings
dagger axis 10.5 kayak southampton

Dagger Axis 10.5 Elite

Stable flat water touring kayak

  • CFS-R Seating System with leg lifter and height adjustable back band.
  • Thigh Braces.
  • Slidelock footbrace system.
  • TruTrak adjustable skeg system

dagger stratos kayak

Dagger Stratos

Fast and stable touring kayak that is suitable for both beginners and experts.

  • 10" dual density bow hatch and oval stern hatch
  • Height adjustable drop skeg
  • Bow and stern bulkhead
  • Bow and stern deck lines
dagger mamba white water kayak

Dagger Mamba

River Running / Freeride kayak from Dagger.

  • Available in Ergo Creek & Ergo adjustable outfittings.
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Dagger Phantom Whitewater Kayak in Aqua Fresh Colour

Dagger Phantom

A fast and agile whitewater kayak perfect for taking on some bigger whitewaters.

  • Creek seating system
  • Full plate bulkhead footrest
  • Carry handles
  • Fast hull design
dagger nomad kayak

Dagger Nomad

Solid and reliable creek boat.

  • Contour Ergo Creeker Outfitting
  • Contoured hip pads, leg lifter, storage stray
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Thighbrace mounted double ratchet adjustment
  • Precision adjustable thighbrace
  • Volume adjustable bulkhead footbrace
  • Mini-cell foam pillar buoyancy
Southampton Canoes can supply the entire range of Dagger Kayaks, the models listed above are the most popular Dagger Kayaks in the UK. Please contact us on 023 8086 1341 for information on ordering in a Dagger kayak.