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White Water Playboats, Half Slice River Runners & High Volume Creek Boats

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Jackson RockStar 5.0 kayak

Jackson RockStar V

The Rockstar is the world most know and talked about freestyle playboat. Designed to win comps, pop huge loops and provide massive air screws on waves. Tried and tested on the most iconic big waves at 'Stakeout' and at the freestyle world championships.

Jackson Antix 2.0 kayak

Jackson Antix 2.0

The Jackson Antix 2.0 is the longer, more comfortable and more playful upgrade to the original Antix which with a full planning hull loves to surf every feature on the river. The improved comfort offers more room aroung the knees allowing to stay comfortable while on the water even for all day paddling trips. The extra length on the stern makes the kayak quicker allowing it to build and hold speed through rapids and drops. The larger rocker profile on the bow enables to you keep the bow up and dry increasing ability to boof eaily and skip over holes. This is an allround playful half slice kayak which now offers extreme comfort and confidence while down river playboating or peeling out into the meat!

Jackson Zen 3.0 kayak

Jackson Zen 3.0

The Zen 3.0 is Jackon Kayaks river runner / creeker. This is Jacksons go to boat designed for UK paddlers from begginers learning to roll and become comfortable in a kayak, for club boaters who are looking for confidence while learining to run white water for the first time and even for expert paddlers looking for a boat which is responsive, agile and quick through high grade white water. Jackksons seat to addjust outfitting makes this boat not only comfortable but also very adaptable allowing you to find the perfect fit. The hull design offers enough rocker to lift the bow when boofing off ledges or drops. The hull provides a surfing platform which holds its speed and offers a confidence inspiring level of stability for everyone who paddles it.

Jackson Nirvana kayak

Jackson Nirvana

The Jackson Nirvana is a quick but agile 9ft creek boat designed to race through rapids and fly over holes. The long rocker line and speedy planning hull makes boofing holes and drops easy allowing you to keep speed while on your racing line. It can snap into eddy's easily even for its size meaning you can feel confident while peeling into a must make eddy above the next feature.