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Enigma Open Canoes

Enigma Canoes - Proudly Made in the UK & Canada!

A range of well made and built canoes from the brand, Enigma

Southampton Canoes are a specalist retailer of Enigma Canoes which are built in the UK and Canada. Enigma Canoes offer a range of solo or tandem open canoes to meet almost everyones needs.

Enigma's Canadian Moulded Canoes - Moulded in North America, assembled in the UK by the Canoe Shops

Enigma Canoes prospector sport canadian canoe made in the North america

Enigma Prospector Sport

The Enigma Prospector Sport is a canoe for people looking for great durability without compromising on perfomance, with pointed bow and stern, this is the perfect canoe for most paddlers.

Enigma Canoes' Tripper 14 an all-round design for 1/2/3 paddlers with a great material

Enigma Tripper 14

The Enigma Tripper 14 is a general all-rounder for paddlers looking for portability, solo use or for family outings.

Enigma Canoes square stern canoe for motorising and powering your canandian style canoe

Enigma Square Stern

The Enigma Canoes' Square Stern is perfect for paddlers or fisherman looking to motorise their river experience and stay dry and stable while exploring their waterways or estuaries

Enigma Canoes Journey 164 in Green for heavy duty use and commercial operators

Enigma Journey 164

The Enigma Canoes' Journey 164 is deisgned for maximum carrying capacity and durability, this canoe is suited for living by the river and heavy duty use either recreationally or by tour/hire operators.


Enigma's UK made Canoe range - designed, moulded and assembled here in the UK

Enigma Prospector 16 the most versitile open canoe shape on the market ideal for whitewater paddling, fresh water paddling or open canoe ballet

Enigma Prospector 16

The Enigma Prospector 16 is one of the most well know and versatile hull shapes ever created. Loved amongst all paddlers the Prospector 16 from Enigma Canoes is an true all rounder. This Enigma Canoe is 100% UK Made!


Enigma RTI 13 Open Solo Canadian Style Canoe Perfect for Fresh Water Paddling or Some Mild Whitewater Action

Enigma RTI 13

The Enigma RTI 13 solo open canadian canoe is lightweight and easy to manage on and off the water. Perfect for paddlers wanting some fun in mild whitewater as well as gentle touring on flat waters. This Enigma Canoes is proudly 100% UK Made!


Enigma Nimrod 14 Open Canadian Canoe Perfect For Solo or Tandem Paddling

Enigma Nimrod 14

The Enigma Nimrod 14 this boat is great for those who are lookign for a solo capable canoe but who also want to take a partner out on occasion. with room for kit on a solo overnighter of an afternoon paddle with a friend.


Enigma Nimrod 15 Open Tandem Canadian Canoe Perfect for entry level river paddling

Enigma Nimrod 15

The Enigma Nimrod 15 is a great all round canoe perfect for sheltered waterways or covering distcane. It is easy to paddle and track straight. With room for all the family and kit needed while on the water.


Enigma Turing 16 tandem family open canoe perfect for the family or expedition use

Enigma Turing 16

The Enigma Turing 16 is an all round easy to paddle canoe which tracks well and has room for all the family and kit needed while on the water.


Enigma Turing 17 Open Canadian Canoe For All The Family

Enigma Turing 17

The Enigma Turing 17 is an all round canoe which is at home in sheltered waterways. The hull tracks straight, is quick through the water and offers enough room for the whole family and kit that is needed while on the water.