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Valley Kayaks

The Leading UK Made Sea Kayaks


Valley sea kayaks are available to order at Southampton Canoes, if you would like to discuss the range, specifications and availability please contact us by phone, email or call in to the shop for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Perception Scooter Comfort Sit On Top - Made in the UK

Valley Etain RM

The Etain RM is an expedition kayak and retains all the features of the composite model built in polyethylene construction.

Perception Scooter Comfort Sit On Top - Made in the UK

Valley Gemini SP RM

The Valley Gemini SP is a fun, playful and agile ocean play boat that is ideal for a range of paddlers

  • Easy to handle and manoevre both on and off the water.
  • Tough triple layer rotomoulded hull.

  • 3 hatches and bulkheads.

  • Comfortable seat and out fitting.

  • Retractable skeg.

  • Ideal choice for surfing, rock hopping and day trips.

valley etain rm sea kayak

Valley Sirona RM

All round sea kayak.

  • Deck Lines.
  • Adjustable Backrest.
  • Padded Seat & Hip Pads.

Composite Valley Sea Kayaks

Valley Etain Composite kayaks

Valley Etain

The Etain is an Expedition style boat with a contemporary feel. The Etain is suitable for those looking for an all-round kayak. Available in two sizes.

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Valley Gemini ST sea kayak

Valley Gemini ST

At 37.5lbs (17kg) the first thing you’ll notice about the ST is how light and easy it is to handle. Whether carrying the kayak on your shoulder or loading it on your car, it takes the chore out of getting to the water.

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Valley Gemini SP sea kayak

Valley Gemini SP

The SP’s increased rocker, greater bow volume, harder chines, and flatter mid-hull cross-section, all contribute to its performance in the rough. It’s extremely nimble, surfs exceedingly well, and avoids pearling.