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Sit On Top Kayaking Equipment

Southampton Canoes has a wide range of parts and accessories to kit out your sit on top kayak such as seats and paddle leashes.

Accessories for Sit On Top Kayaking

Feelfree Paddle Leash

Feelfree Paddle Leash

Keep your paddle safe and secure by using a paddle leash. When paddling white water or rough seas you can easily end up letting go of your paddle!


Scupper bungs for Feelfree kayaks

Feelfree Scupper Bungs

Fill the drain hole of your Feelfree kayak with a scupper bung for a drier ride. These are great for when paddling on a calm day as they will prevent water coming up through the drain hole, If you do get a bit water-logged, you can then open the top of the unit to let the water out.


Designed for use with Feelfree kayaks but will also fit some other brands.


Feelfree Skeg

Feelfree Skeg

Designed to fit the Feelfree Roamer, Nomad Sport and Gemini Sport models.


Wavesport/Perception Scupper Bungs

Perception / Wavesport Scupper Bungs

Scupper bungs to fit Perception & Wavesport sit on top kayaks.


Scupper bungs for Ocean kayaks

Ocean Kayak Scupper Bungs

Ocean Kayak scupper bungs - please check required size using the chart below.

Click to view Ocean Kayak Scupper Bung size chart