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Single Seat Canadian Canoes

Popular Canoes for Solo Paddling

There are a mixed range of Single and tandem Canadian canoes, which are ideal for solo canoeing and occasional tandem paddling. Solo canoes are great for getting out and practicing your skills, whether it be more recreational and you like to get some peace and quiet, or you are heading out for more serious solo ventures. Some Canoes are single seated, making the boat smaller, lighter and more manoeuvrable, which really helps you push your performance to the max. Some have two seats, allowing you to take your friends and family out when you're after a little down time, but are small enough to control when paddling alone. These solo and smaller canoes are often popular choices for coaches too.

Triple Layer Plastic Solo Canoes

Enigma RTI 13 lightweight solo open canadian canoe perfect for touring and mild whitewater

Enigma Canoes RTI 13

 The RTI 13 is at home touring on the flat water but also capable of some mild flowing water should the paddler be up to it.

  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow V Shaped Hull
  • 100% UK Made
  • Triple Layer Plastic Construction
Enigma Nimrod 14 Open Canadian Canoe Perfect For Solo or Tandem Paddling

Enigma Nimrod 14

The Enigma Nimrod 14 this boat is great for those who are lookign for a solo capable canoe but who also want to take a partner out on occasion. with room for kit on a solo overnighter of an afternoon paddle with a friend.

  • Triple layer plastic
  • Vinyl gunwales
  • 2 x Wood webbed seats
  • 1 x Wooden yoke
  • Bow & Stern wooden carry handles

Lightweight Solo Canoes

Nova Craft Trapper 12 canoe

Nova Craft Trapper 12 TuffStuff

 The Trapper combines the enjoyment of a stable fishing platform with the benefits of a small and light craft for portaging into small productive lakes.

  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Slight Rocker
  • Lightweight TuffStuff construction
Nova Craft Fox 14 Canadian Canoe

Nova Craft Fox 14

Lightweight solo touring canoe.

  • TuffStuff Composite construction.
  • Built-in buoyancy fore and aft. 
  • Aircraft grade Black anodized aluminium gunwales and aluminium reinforced ABS end deck plates.
  • Ash framed seat with nylon lacing.
  • Ash carry handles at bow and stern.
Southampton Canoe sells canoes from Nova Craft Canoes, Pelican canoes and Enigma Canoes.