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Canadian Canoe Paddles


We stock a wide range of canoe paddles to cater for all types of canoeing and budgets. The range starts with low cost paddles made with alloy shafts and plastic blades through to stunnig wooden canoe paddles for canoeists looking for the best paddles.

Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

  • Durable Polypropylene blade
  • Polypropylene T grip
  • Aluminum shaft
  • 57 Inch length
Enigma Note Beginner Wooden Canoe Paddle

Enigma Note

  • Made Of Quality Pine & Ash
  • Clear Laquer Top Coat
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • 140cm, 150cm, 160cm lengths
Grey Owl Scout canoe paddle

Grey Owl Scout

  • Solid basswood shaft
  • 3 ply laminated blade
  • Epoxy coated tip
  • 54, 57, 60, 63” lengths
Enigma Key Wooden Touring Canoe Paddle

Enigma Key

  • Quality Pine, Mahogany & Ash
  • Clear Laquer Top Coat
  • Classic Beavertail Design
  • 150cm, 160cm Lengths
Grey Owl Voyageur

Grey Owl Voyageur

  • Laminated ash and bass shaft.
  • Cherry pear grip.
  • Cherry, butternut, and bass blade.
  • Similar usage to River, with wider and shorter blade that is more effective in the shallows.
  • Size 52" - 66
Grey Owl Guide canoe paddle

Grey Owl Guide

  • Solid cherry shaft

  • Blade:  3 ply laminated black cherry

  • Blade Cross Section Style:   cambered

  • Tip Material & Style:  casting epoxy, wraparound

  • Finish:  high gloss exterior polyurethane with UV block

Werner Nantahala Fibre Glass Canoe Paddle

Werner Nantahala Canoe Paddle

  • Dihedral symmetrical blade
  • Smooth forward and reverse strokes
  • Fibreglass shaft with oval index
  • Enhanced ABS T-grip
  • Blade surface area “ 1182cm2
  • Weight for 58in - 751g
  • Uncut shaft, ready for custom sizing
Werner Bandit fibre glass canoe paddle

Werner Bandit Canoe Paddle

  • Spooned Blade Shape giving a powerful catch
  • Quick response
  • Oval indexed fibreglass shaft
  • Enhanced ABS T-grip
  • Light swing weight

Junior Canoe Paddles

RUK Minow Childrens Paddle

ruk minow junior canoe paddle

  • Polypropylene blades with U/V protection.
  • Smaller 28mm alloy shaft
  • T-Grip Handle
  • Drip rings

Grey Owl Owlet

Grey Owl Owlet childrens canoe paddle

  • Children's canoe paddle
  • Solid basswood shaft
  • 3 ply laminated blade
  • Epoxy coated tip
  • Length: 42"