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Lightweight Canadian Canoes

Open Canoes that are lightweight, easy to lift & carry

This design of canoe makes manouvering on and off the water easy. The lightweight construction makes car topping even a large canoe easy meaning that you are able to focus on paddling and not worry about how to get your canoe to the waters edge. A go to lightweight construction for someone looking for an easy lift but also the enjoyment of being on the water either solo paddling, tandem or with the family. These canoes are perfect for calm evening trips down sheltered water ways or even for multi-day adventures on expedition paddles.

Lightweight Solo Canoes

Nova Craft Trapper 12 canoe

Nova Craft Trapper 12

The Nova Craft Trapper 12 is a small and lightweight canoe for solo paddling. With great stability, you'll confidently navigate any adventure. Get ready to explore the water with the Trapper 12.

TuffStuff Weight: 18.1 kg

Nova Craft Fox 14 Canadian Canoe

Nova Craft Fox 14

The Fox 14 is an ideal choice for solo paddlers cruising calm lakes and lazy rivers. A great size canoe for a relaxed evening paddle but still large enough for a week-long solo adventure. With its shallow depth, the Fox doesn't catch the wind as much, and is comfortable to control using a kayak paddle.

TuffStuff Weight: 19.1 kg

Nova Craft Prospector 14 TuffStuff canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 14

The Nova Craft Prospector 14 is the perfect choice for solo adventurers seeking a compact and lightweight open canoe. With its high-quality construction and versatile design, this canoe is well-suited for sheltered waters and camping trips.

TuffStuff Weight: 20.4 kg


Lightweight Tandem Canoes

Nova Craft Bob Special Canadain Canoe

Nova Craft Bob Special

Ideally suited as a tandem day-tripper yet large enough for a weekend canoe trip. It really shines when paddled solo by a competent paddler.

TuffStuff Weight: 22.7 kg

Nova Craft Prospector 15 TuffStuff canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 15

The Prospector 15 is a scaled-down version of the larger Prospectors that's faithful to the original lines in every way. You get all the great handling features that make the Prospector a paddling legend, in a package that's a bit smaller and more responsive.

TuffStuff Weight: 23.6 kg

Nova Craft PAL Canadian canoe

Nova Craft Pal 16

The Nova Craft Pal 16 canoe is ideal for flat water trips and short outings, making it perfect for sightseeing or fishing. Its design allows for smooth navigation in rough waters and provides stability in windy conditions.

TuffStuff Weight: 23.6 kg

Nova Craft Prospector 16 TuffStuff Canadian Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 16

The Prospector 16' feels most at home loaded with gear on a remote wilderness lake or river. While it is best suited for river tripping, it remains versatile enough to be a good all round canoe.

TuffStuff Weight: 24.5 kg

Nova Craft Prospector 17 TuffStuff Canadian Canoe

Nova Craft Prospector 17

Lightweight canoe that offers a huge amount of space, either for long expeditions or to accommodate your whole family.

TuffStuff Weight: 27.2 kg

Swift Canoes - Lightweight composite canoes

Swift Canoes

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