Pedal Kayaks for Sale

Sit On Top Kayaks With Pedal Drive Systems

Riot Mako 10 Pedal Kayaks

Riot Mako 10 Pedal Kayak

Lightweight pedal kayak with rotary propulsion drive with propeller. Very stable and easy to use.



Riot Mako 12 Pedal Kayaks

Riot Mako 12 Pedal Kayaks

Longer than the smaller Mako 10, the 12 provides additional deck space as well as increased carrying capacity and straight line speed/efficiency through the water


Hobie Kayaks with Pedal Drive System

Hobie Kayaks

The ultimate pedal driven sit on top kayaks featuring the latest 180 MirageDrive propulsion system. Wide range of models available with the MirageDrive to meet all requirements.