Pedal Kayaks for Sale

Sit On Top Pedal Kayaks for Fishing and Recreational Paddling

Pedal kayaks provide effortless movement on the water, whether you're heading to your favourite fishing spot, or just cruising your local river at a relaxed pace. Featuring defined hull shapes, these kayaks are highly user-friendly and are designed for maximum stability. Buy now and experience the difference!

Popular Feelfree Pedal Kayaks
feelfree moken 10 PDL fishing kayak

Feelfree Moken 10 Angler PDL

The ever popular and stable Feelfree Moken 10 V2 is available as a Pedal drive kayak featuring FeelFree’s Rapid Pedal Drive system and Beavertail rudder system.

feelfree moken 12.5 angler PDL kayak

Feelfree Moken 12.5 Angler PDL

With all the strengths from the feature packed Moken 12.5 V2, the PDL version comes equipped with the Rapid Pedal Drive and Rapid Steering System & Beaver Tail Rudder.

feelfree flash pedal drive kayak for general purpose use

FeelFree Flash PD11

A well priced pedal drive kayak with a stable design. Perfect for cruising and light fishing.

Popular Vibe Kayaks Pedal Kayaks
Vibe Kayaks Makana 100 X-drive fishing kayak

Vibe Kayaks Makana 100 X-Drive

The Vibe Makana 100 kayak features the Vibe X-Drive pedal system allowing for hands-free propulsion, giving you more control and convenience while on the water.

Vibe Kayaks Shearwater 125 fishing kayak with X-Drive peadl kit

Vibe Kayaks Shearwater 125 X-Drive

The Vibe Shearwater 125 fishing kayak allows for smooth and effortless paddling, with ample storage options and a highly customisable layout, perfect for any fishing adventure.

Popular Old Town / Ocean Kayak PDL Pedal Kayaks
Old Town Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL

Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL

A 12 foot pedal drive sit-on-top for fishing and recreational use, easy to use hand control steering and instant forwards and reverse, give pedallers the control they need

Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120

Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120

The Old Town Sportsman Salty PDL 120 pedal kayak is the perfect watercraft for fishing and coastal adventures. Featuring a reliable and easy-to-use instant forward and reverse PDL Drive system.

Old Town Sportsman PDL 106

Old Town Sportsman PDL 106

The Old Town Sportsman PDL 106 is a compact yet stable fishing kayak that is equipped with all the features you may need to get started fishing on a pedal drive kayak

Old Town Sportsman PDL 120

Old Town Sportsman PDL 120

A 12 foot pedal drive fishing kayak that is stable, comfortable and efficient through the water with an instant forward and reverse gear.

Old Town Sportsman PDL 120

Old Town Sportsman Bigwater PDL 132

A longer more refined, high capacity pedal drive kayak made in the US perfect for long days on the water or larger paddlers

Popular Hobie Mirage Drive Pedal Kayaks

Hobie Kayaks Passport 10.5 Cheap Pedal Drive Kayak

Hobie Passport 10.5

The Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5 features a simplified design and a lightweight thermoformed hull. The Mirage Drive GT with Kick Up Fins provides great forward propulsion and the Mesh Seat ensures comfortable rides.


hobie kayaks Compass

Hobie Compass

The Hobie Mirage Compass features the Mirage Drive 180 V2 with Glide Technology and Kick Up Fins for optimal speed and control and a breathable mesh seat for comfort. It also has a retractable rudder system for easy maneuverability.


hobie kayaks outback

Hobie Outback

The Hobie Mirage Outback is one of the best all-round pedal drive fishing kayaks available. Enjoy the comfort of Vantage CTW seating, while taking advantage of the Mirage Drive 180 with ST Turbo Kick Up Fins for maximum propulsion and control.

hobie kayaks oasis

Hobie Oasis

The Hobie Mirage Oasis Tandem Kayak, loaded with Mirage Drives 180 V2 with Kick Up Fins and adjustable Vantage CT seating, is the ultimate exploration machine to navigate any body of water with ease.

Pedal Kayak Brands
hobie kayaks

Hobie Kayaks

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feelfree kayaks

FeelFree Kayaks

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Old Town Canoes & Kayaks

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