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Kayaking & Canoeing Tops

All Types of Paddling Jackets

Cagoules, jackets, and tops for canoeing and kayaking. Paddling jackets or cagoules offer protection from the elements while out on the water, keeping you protected, drier and warmer. There are different designs of paddling jackets, from splashproof recreational jackets with looser neck/wrists to white water dry cags featuring seals to keep water out.

Recreational Jackets for Canoeing & Kayaking

Cagoules for recreational paddling on Sit On Top Kayaks and canoes. These jackets and cags to keep the spray and windchill off, recomended for recreational canoeing and kayaking. Also popular with schools and centres.

Palm Vector Jacket

Yak Vector Cag


NRS Echo Jacket

NRS Echo Jacket


Sea Kayaking & Touring Jackets

Higher performance cags for touring and sea kayaking. Features often include storm hoods, twin waist seals with high levels of breathability. Designed for paddling in rough sea conditions and for long distance touring.

Palm Mistral Jacket

Palm Mistral Cag


Yak Apollo Jacket

Yak Apollo Sea Kayaking Cag


Peak Tourlite Hoody

Peak UK Tourlite Hoody Jacket


NRS Riptide Jacket

NRS Riptide Touring Cags


Palm Chinook Jacket

Palm Chinook Cag


Palm Bora Jacket

Palm Bora Cag


White Water Paddling Jackets

Paddling cags designed to keep you as dry as possible when paddling in white water and surf. Available with latex neck seals or more comfortable neoprene seals. Semi dry cags generally have neoprene / glideskin neck seals and latex wrist seals. Some people prefer the comfort of this style of neck seal. Dry cagoules designed to tackle the testing conditions of white water paddling.

Palm Vertigo Jacket

Palm Vertigo Cag


Palm Zenith Jacket

Palm Zenith Semi Dry Jacket Perfect For Whitewater Kayaking and Canoeing


Palm Surge Jacket

Palm Surge white water cag


Palm Atom Jacket

Palm Atom Dry Cag The Perfect Whitewater Kayaking Jacket