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Equipment for Kayak Fishing

Southampton Canoes has a range of fishing equipment and spare parts for the keen kayak angler, from rod holders and mounts to fish finders and transducers. These are the most popular fish finders, they’re good at helping you locate sholas, giving you depth and marking your plot, this is all dependent on what model and spec you choose. Please contact us if you would like any more information in choosing and installing the correct fish finder.

Kayak Fishing Accessories

CSG Anchor Trolley System

CSG Anchor Trolley Kit

Anchor trolley system for kayaks and sit on tops. Essential to anchor your kayak safely. Easy to follow instructions, line and all fixings included.


CSG Anchor Trolley System

CSG Anchor Kit

Kayak Anchor Kit inc buoy & 80m anchor reel. The Ideal kit to anchor off your kayak safely. Best used with an anchor trolley kit. Package Includes: 1.5kg Galvanized Anchor, 80m Anchor Line on Reel, Floating Line, Pick up Buoy, Zig Zag Cleat, Fittings & Instructions.


Kit includes:

  • 1.5kg Galvanized Anchor
  • 80m Anchor Line on Reel
  • Floating Line
  • Pick up Buoy
  • Zig Zag Cleat
  • Fittings
  • Instructions

Osprey Anchor Reel - 80m

Osprey Anchor Reel - 80m

80m Anchor Reel perfect for holding a kayak at anchor in depths of up to 40m. This reel is designed with stainless steel metal components so it is perfect for saltwater use.

Folding Kayak Anchor

Folding Kayak Anchor - 0.7kg & 1.5kg


Galavanised grapnel folding anchor ideal for anchoring a fishing kayak over all types of sea bed. The 0.7kg size is good for calm conditions and shallower rough ground where there is little tidal flow. The 1.5kg size is great for deeper water, clean ground and mixed ground.


Pick Up Buoy

Pick Up Buoy

A Hi-Viz Pick-Up Buoy is great for including in a quick-release anchoring system. If you need to quickly release from your anchor point, your anchor reel will be left suspended in the water beneath the buoy until it is safe to return and pick it up again.


If you need any advice or information regarding kayak fishing equipment please contact us
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