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Open Canoes for Sale

Canadian open style canoes for solo, family and expedition use

Open canoes offer a comfortable and spacious paddle for solo, tandem and family use. Diffrent styles and sizes allow for a range of uses from touring over distance on flat water, white water river running and expedition multi-day trips.

We stock the largest range of Canadian canoes on the South Coast from the leading brands including Nova Craft, Enigma Canoes and Pelican Canoes. Canoes are available in a range of materials and constructions including TuffStuff, triple layer polyethylene and Ram X. As with everything, each material/construction has it's advantages and disadvantages - please ask us if you need any help or assistance in choosing your canoe.

canoes for recreational and family paddling

Family & Recreational Canoes

Family and recreational canoes are great for friends and family fun. Some models allow you to fit up to 3 full sized adults on and allow for recreational touring, camping, fitness and fishing.

  • Two to three seating positions
  • Suitable WW Rivers, Touring, Recreational Canoeing and commercial use.
  • Suitable for paddling on lakes, canals and rivers
  • Can be transported on most car roof racks
lightweight canoes

Lightweight Canadian Canoes

Nova Craft offer a wide range of lightweight canoes. They’re great for recreational paddling and touring, these canoes are manufactured from Nova Crafts TuffStuff material. This makes them exceptionally light but also strong and hardwearing.

  • Popular for touring and family canoeing
  • Suitable on Rivers, lakes, canals and for recreational use
  • Some canoes ideal for Solo paddling
  • Can be transported on most car roof rack
  • Easy to lift and transport
  • Smooth paddling on the water
single seat solo canoes

Solo Canoes

The majority of most open canoes can be paddled solo, these are the canoes that most suit solo paddling due to their weight and size. These allow for great solo paddling, recreational touring, camping and fishing.

  • One to two seating positions
  • Suitable for WW Rivers, Touring, Recreational Canoeing and Fishing
  • Suitable for paddling on lakes, canals and rivers
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight
Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable Canoes

Inflatable kayaks great for friends and Family fun in calm waters. They are ideal if you do not have the space at home to store your kayak, or simply struggle with the transportation of a plastic kayak. Inflatables are lightweight option, allowing you to recreationally tour the seas and rivers without all the hassle of a plastic boat.

  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Can pack away when not using it in the winter months
  • Great on rivers, lakes and estuaries
  • Lots of space for 2-3 people and equipment