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White Water Playboats, River Runners, Half Slice & Creek Boat Kayaks

Titan Kayaks are a passionate company owned and designed by paddlers for paddlers. Their innovative and up to date designs see their boats being chosen and paddled around the world with designs to make any eager white-water paddler excited and buzzing to get on their local UK rivers. Their playboat is great for carving up the standing waves of Hurley Weir, while the balance volume of the yantra allows for confidence while putting in at the top rapids of the River Tryweryn. If you are looking for a slicey boat for squirts and splats on the River Dart Loop then the versatile Nymph will be your next go to kayak to put a smile on your face. However if you are looking for a high volume confidence inspiring creeker then the Titan Dragon will see you pushing your limits on higher grades all over the UK from Dartmoor to Wales and Scotland.

Whitewater Kayaks

titan nymph half slice river running kayak

Titan Nymph

Half slice river running kayak with semi-planning hull with high rocker profile and volume in the bow to keep speed and push though and boof features while a low volume stern allows for down river freestyle.

titan dragon white water creek kayak

Titan Dragon

High volume creek kayak for confidence when river running and pushing limits on higher grade white water or rivers with high water levels. A quick hull design with balance volume for predictability and quick resurfacing after drops.

titan yantra white water river running kayak

Titan Yantra

A well balanced white water river running kayak with a very stable and confidence inspiring hull shape to keep you balance an upright through rapids. Rails on the hull allow you to carve waves when surfing and snap into eddy's with ease amd peel out with control.

titan genesis playboat freestyle kayak

Titan Genesis

A freestyle playboat with a loose hull featuring rails to provide an energetic feeling kayak which carves easily when building momentum to throw tricks and spins on waves. The volume design alongside the planning hull creates a forgiving playboat which is stable and predictable.

titan mix sit on top freestyle kayak

Titan Mix

A Sit On Top Playboat! The Mix combines the freestyle capabilities found in sit inside playboats with a sit on top design featuring thigh straps. If you are worried about failing a roll or bored of emptying your boat after a swim then the Titan Mix is for you.

The full range of Titan Kayaks can be supplied by Southampton Canoes. The above modles are Titan's most popular white water river designes in the UK. If you are unable to see a model which you are intrested in or would like infomation about ordering anything from the Titan Kayaks reange please contact us on 023 8086 1341.