Titan Dragon

Advanced High Volume Creek Boat

The Dragon has a quick semi-planning hull with a high rocker profile and volume to provide confidence while river running.

the titan dragon white water creek kayak

Titan Dragon - Blue Dream

rocker profile on the titan dragon

bottom view of the titan dragons hull

paddling the titan watercraft dragon kaituna river in new zeland

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Titan Dragon


The 8'8" planning hull design of the Titan Dragon is quick, gaining speed through glossy tongues on the lead in to rapids and transferring momentum over the chaotic waters of features to skip away and leave you free and clean. The bow rocker profile allows you to keep the bow high enabling you to push over holes and boof drops more easily once again creating efficiency for speed without submerging the bow and loosing speed compared to boats with less rocker. The rocker curve flattens out in the centre the kayak to provide a wide and very stable platform below the seat allowing you to confidently sit and carve on standing waves, cross eddy line boils and navigate cross currents knowing that the boat will be predictable.


High volume in the hull running from the bow to the stern consistent with creek boats makes this kayak right at home on larger volume rivers or higher water levels after a few days of rain. The volume in the bow of the kayak builds around your knees enables you to punch through features you are unable to boof over. The large volume crown at the stern of the boat resurfaces well and fights to stay on top of the water countering any attempts of the river pulling the back end under commonly seen in half-slice kayaks. The balanced volume throughout the kayak aid's in control when stuck in a hole alongside this the planning hull and rail design propels you forward out of stoppers and back into the flowing water again. This balanced feel enforces the overall stability boosting paddler confidence allowing you to focus on the river ahead.


The loose feel alongside long rails offer the opportunity to make the most of waves, carving and surfing with control while also easily maintaining your chosen direction meaning you can front surf or carve without worrying about catching an edge and being forcefully pushed into an unwanted side surf back into the eddy.


When exiting the flow, the Dragon's wants to entre the safety of an eddy, flicking around on its edges allow you to snap tightly into eddy's. This allows for the opportunity to catch more technical and tighter eddy's with confidence from which to scout the next feature or to line up for the next rapid from a more convenient position. You are also able to hold your edge easily when needed to keep your line through the rapid due to the balanced design to the hull.


Kayaks are not designed to fit perfectly to every paddler due to everyone being different sizes and Titan Watercraft know this. Therefore, Titan's outfitting is designed to be comfortable while also very adaptable and adjustable. The Seat pad is integrated with hip pads to allow for great connectivity with the kayak. This a comfortable cushion on top of the sturdy plastic seat and can be easily unclipped and lifted away is design allows quick access for shims and padding to be added if required to increase comfort or for the addition of leg lifters if a little more connection is needed.


In the same way the hip padding features a pocket design and can be adjusted and released allowing for extra foam shim padding to be added if required to make the kayak tighter around your hips for maximum control when edging, surfing and most importantly rolling the kayak.


The full plate footrest is fully adjustable allowing you to find and lock in the best fit for legs. Alongside this a volume adjustment allowing you to increase or decrease the size of the foot rest to the size to the kayak when moving this forward and backwards. By doing this you are able to fill the space which is left and prevent your foot from slipping behind the footrest itself.


Featuring five metal safety/ carry handles access to grip points on the kayak is made very easy providing multiple attachment and grab points to rescue the boat from the river after a swim alongside providing easy transport when lifting onto your car roof with two people. The water draining bung at the stern is set in a recess to protect the handle and make it easy to release water after a swim.



  • Reactor Outfitting
  • Adjustable seat pad, ratchet backband and intergrated hip pads
  • Adjustable full plate foot rest
  • Drainage bung
  • 5x safety grab/ carry handles
  • Hooked thigh braces


Titan Dragon Spec:

  • Length: 8'8" / 268 cm
  • Width: 26" / 68 cm
  • Boat weight: 50 lbs. / 23 kg
  • Volume: 95 gal / 360 l
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 143 - 253 lbs. / 65 - 115 kg Optimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Titan Dragon for your weight


blue dream titan dragon river kayak

Blue Dream


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