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White Water Rescue Equipment

Equipment for white water kayaking.

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner

Anodised alloy wire gate karabiner with a 35mm gate opening. This Karabiner has a maximum breaking strength of 22kN (major axis) and 8 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN.


The Wide 35mm opening will fit over most paddle shafts. 

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Weight: 76 g
  • Maximum breaking strength 22 kN (major axis)‚ 8 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN (open gate)
  • EN362:2004/B certified
  • UIAA approved
  • Gate opening 35 mm

Palm HMS Screw Grate Karabiner

Palm HMS Screw Grate Karabiner

The Palm HMS Screw Gate Karabiner has a clean nose closure and a 23mm opening. It is made from quality aluminium and has a red anodised finish.


It has a maximum breaking strength of 24 kN (major axis)‚ 7 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN (open gate)

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Weight: 68 g
  • Maximum breaking strength 24 kN (major axis)‚ 7 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN (open gate)
  • EN122275:1998/BandK and EN362:2004/B certified
  • UIAA approved
  • Screw gate opening
  • Gate opening 23 mm
  • Clean nose

Palm Cowtail One

Palm Cowtail One

The Palm Cow Tail One is a great way to secure a runaway boat or for use in other rescue scenarios. The elasticated core 25mm webbing enables you to easily extent the webbing up to 75cm to your desired attachment point. The Cow Tail One has an intergraded stainless steel O-ring allowing you to easily attach it to your PDF quick release system.

  • Integral stainless steel O-ring for PFD harness attachment
  • High visibility colour
  • Webbing extends to 75 cm
  • Bartack stitched
  • Neoprene grip reduces karabiner slip
  • Recommended for use with Screw Gate karabiners
  • 75 cm (extended length)
  • 5 kN breaking strength
  • 25 mm tubular tape webbing with elasticated core

Palm Chest Harness

Palm Chest Harness

38mm Chest harness with quick release buckle for Palm buoyancy aids. The O-ring provided offers a quick and easy to use attachment point for the use of a ‘Cow Tail’ or another piece of safety equipment. The harness is reversible allowing for left or right-handed operation on a variety of Palm’s whitewater PFD range. 

  • Fixlock quick-release buckle with toggle
  • Aluminium load spreader
  • Triglide for secure PFD attachment
  • O-ring included
  • 38 mm nylon webbing
  • Compatible with Palm Extrem‚ women's Extrem‚ Luna‚ Amp and FXr.

Palm Snake Sling

Palm Snake Sling

The Palm Snake Sling is a versatile rope that can be used to do the job of prussik‚ towing sling or anchor to name a few.
The Snake Sling is made from strong tubular nylon webbing and is 4m in length.

  • 25 mm tubular nylon tape
  • Weight: 184 g
  • 10 kN static breaking strength
  • 4 m length
  • Tubular tape with karabiner loops on both ends  
  • High visibility colour

Palm Safety Tape

Palm Safety Tape

5 m safety tape that can fit neatly in the front pocket of your PFD. It is useful for many things‚ it can be used as a sling or short throwline. With Velcro fastening to keep it in a tidy coil.

  • 25 mm tubular Nylon tape
  • Weight: 234 g
  • 10 kN static breaking strength
  • 5 m length
  • Open-ended tubular tape
  • Velcro fastening
  • High visibility colour

Fox 40 Whistle

Fox 40 Whistle

The Fox 40 whistle has a patented three-chamber design and no moving parts. This enables its sound to be heard well above man-made and environmental noise to attract attention in emergency situations.

  • Injection molded plastic
  • Weight: 23 g
  • Patented 3-chamber design
  • Pealess‚ faultless performance
  • Penetrating 115 decibels
  • Lanyard for attachment

Palm Whitewater Pulley

Palm Whitewater Pulley

The Palm Whitewater Pulley is an anodised aluminium pulley ideal for rescue and rope system use. The swing side opening enables for quick and easy use. The maximum 20kn working load strength means that you can confidently use the pulley in a rescue situation.
This is an essential piece of kit for any pin kit or rope rescue kit.

  • Material - Anodised aluminium

  • Weight - 88g

  • Maximum breaking strength 20 kN (10 kN in both directions)

  • Swing sided opening

  • Max rope Ø 11 mm

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