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White Water Rescue Equipment

Equipment for white water kayaking.

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner

Palm Wire Gate Karabiner

Anodised alloy wire gate karabiner with a 35mm gate opening. This Karabiner has a maximum breaking strength of 22kN (major axis) and 8 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN.


The Wide 35mm opening will fit over most paddle shafts. 

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Weight: 76 g
  • Maximum breaking strength 22 kN (major axis)‚ 8 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN (open gate)
  • EN362:2004/B certified
  • UIAA approved
  • Gate opening 35 mm

Palm HMS Screw Grate Karabiner

Palm HMS Screw Grate Karabiner

The Palm HMS Screw Gate Karabiner has a clean nose closure and a 23mm opening. It is made from quality aluminium and has a red anodised finish.


It has a maximum breaking strength of 24 kN (major axis)‚ 7 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN (open gate)

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Weight: 68 g
  • Maximum breaking strength 24 kN (major axis)‚ 7 kN (minor axis)‚ 7 kN (open gate)
  • EN122275:1998/BandK and EN362:2004/B certified
  • UIAA approved
  • Screw gate opening
  • Gate opening 23 mm
  • Clean nose

Palm Chest Harness

Palm Chest Harness

38mm Chest harness with quick release buckle for Palm buoyancy aids. The O-ring provided offers a quick and easy to use attachment point for the use of a ‘Cow Tail’ or another piece of safety equipment. The harness is reversible allowing for left or right-handed operation on a variety of Palm’s whitewater PFD range. 

  • Fixlock quick-release buckle with toggle
  • Aluminium load spreader
  • Triglide for secure PFD attachment
  • O-ring included
  • 38 mm nylon webbing
  • Compatible with Palm Extrem‚ women's Extrem‚ Luna‚ Amp and FXr.

Palm Snake Sling

Palm Snake Sling

The Palm Snake Sling is a versatile rope that can be used to do the job of prussik‚ towing sling or anchor to name a few.
The Snake Sling is made from strong tubular nylon webbing and is 4m in length.

  • 25 mm tubular nylon tape
  • Weight: 184 g
  • 10 kN static breaking strength
  • 4 m length
  • Tubular tape with karabiner loops on both ends  
  • High visibility colour

Palm Safety Tape

Palm Safety Tape

5 m safety tape that can fit neatly in the front pocket of your PFD. It is useful for many things‚ it can be used as a sling or short throwline. With Velcro fastening to keep it in a tidy coil.

  • 25 mm tubular Nylon tape
  • Weight: 234 g
  • 10 kN static breaking strength
  • 5 m length
  • Open-ended tubular tape
  • Velcro fastening
  • High visibility colour

Fox 40 Whistle

Fox 40 Whistle

The Fox 40 whistle has a patented three-chamber design and no moving parts. This enables its sound to be heard well above man-made and environmental noise to attract attention in emergency situations.

  • Injection molded plastic
  • Weight: 23 g
  • Patented 3-chamber design
  • Pealess‚ faultless performance
  • Penetrating 115 decibels
  • Lanyard for attachment

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