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Playboats and Freestlye Kayaks

Playboats for white water down river play, hole boating, flat water freestyle and surfing

Playboat kayaks are designed to be agile, snappy and slicey for maximum fun on the water. Their shapes vary depending on their intended use but all follow the familiar short, stubby and slicey design for pulling off impressive tricks which larger volume boats could never do. Hole boats are designed to use a poor over feature and the direction of flowing water to throw tricks such as front loops and cartwheels the high-volume design of playboats around the knees allows for extra pop transitioning to extra height being gained when preforming areal tricks. Planning hull designs allow for speed when catching waves and a loose feel alongside edges allowing you to carve when surfing and snapping turns.


titan genesis playboat freestyle kayak

Titan Genesis

A freestyle playboat with a loose hull featuring rails to provide an energetic feeling kayak which carves easily when building momentum to throw tricks and spins on waves. The volume design alongside the planning hull creates a forgiving playboat which is stable and predictable.

wavesport Project X playboat

Wavesport Project X

  • High performance playboat with a fast and bouncy planning hull.
  • Hull design creats for an areal playboat for big wave surfing and freestyle.
  • Comfortable and roomy cockpit with space arounf your feet.
  • Slicy bow and stern for flat water freestyle and stable bow and stern stalls.
jackson kayaks rockstar V 5.0 white water kayak

Jackson Rockstar V

  • Quick planning hull with smooth edges to carve and get areal on big waves.
  • Slicy bow and stern design for flatwater freestyle and trick ease.
  • Redesigned bow and stern volume for increased pop and huge areal hole tricks.
  • Jackson Sweet Cheeks seat

River running kayaks and creek boats from Dagger, Riot Kayaks, Wavesport & Jackson Kayaks.

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