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Canoe & kayak Storage

Sit On Top, Canoe and Kayak Storage For Sale

Southampton Canoes stock wall racks and trestles for all types of kayaks and canoes. These are a great way to store your boat out of the way until you are using it again.

Riot Wall Rack With Paddle Holder

Riot Wall Rack with paddle holder to mount your kayak for storage

This wall rack is great for storing your kayak on the wall. Two cradles hold your kayak whilst the small hooks beneath will hold a paddle and can be used to hang your paddling gear from. Foam pads on the cradles help grip the your kayak.

  • Paddle Holder Built In.
  • Fittings included.
  • Max Load 55kg.
  • H - 300mm, W - 330mm Approx.
  • Pair of wall racks

Riot Folding Wall Rack

Riot Folding Wall Rack kayaks

Foldable wall storage rack allowing you to easily store your kayak and quickly fold the rack arms back up against the wall when not in use. This rack is great for keeping your kayak stored safely off the ground when not in use.

  • Folding storage arms
  • Incorporated paddle holder
  • Includes fixings
  • Pair of wall racks



RUK Kestrel Folding Wall Rack

RUK Kestrel Folding Wall Rack kayaks

The RUK folding Kestral wall mounted kayak rack enables you to conveniently fold your rack up against the wall and out of the way while not in use. This strong and sturdy rack allows you to store your boat on a garage wall or outside.

  • Protective foam padding
  • Straps included
  • Incorporated paddle holder
  • Includes fixings
  • H - 220mm, W - 400mm Approx.

Storage and Maintenance Trestles

Kayak and Canoe Trestles

The RUK Padded Trestles come as a pair. These are ideal for supporting a kayak during storage or while doing any maintenance to your boat. Folding design enables you to quickly put the trestles to one side out of the way while not in use. These are the ideal design for canoes, sea kayaks, touring kayaks, whitewater kayaks and many sit-on-tops.