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Air Bags & Buoyancy Blocks

Air bags and buoyancy blocks are essential for your kayak or canoe, they provide extra buoyancy and reduce the amount of water taken onboard in the event of capsizing.

Buoyancy Blocks For Canoes

Canoe Buoyancy Blocks

These buoyancy blocks are a good alternative to the conventional Inflatable Canoe Air Bag. The Canoe wedge blocks are a simple, effective and very robust flotation aid for any Canoe.


  • Tough hard wearing vinyl with polystyrene block
  • Mesh net for storage on front
  • Central securing strap for use with D rings
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Will fit the majority of open canoes

Price: £109.99

Split Stern Kayak Air Bags

Split Stern Kayak Air Bag

The pair of Split stern airbags increase buoyancy to your boat, this comes in extremely handy when rescuing is needed.  The durable pair of airbags fit nicely in the back of your boat on opposite sides of the buoyancy foam pillar.

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Plastic coated nylon which is tough and durable
  • Twist valve
  • Sold as a pair

Prices From: £34.99

Palm Heavy Weight Float Bag

Palm Heavy Weight Float Bag

Heavy-duty floatation airbags with screw lock valves‚ shaped to fit modern kayaks. Install these in your kayak to prevent water filling the boat in the event of a capsize.

  • Nylon 70D
  • PVC coating
  • High frequency welded seams
  • 92 x 48 cm
  • 30 L volume
  • Screw lock air valve
  • Quick deflation dump valve
  • Securing eye

Prices From: £26.00