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Touring & Sea Kayak Spraydecks

Touring & Sea Kayaking Spraydecks, splash decks and spray skirts. Touring and Sea kayaking spray decks are normally a combination of a nylon upper waist tube and a tighter fitting neoprene lower for the cockpit.

Manic Tour Combi Spray Deck For Sea And Touring Kayak

Manic Tour Spray Deck

The Manic Tour is made in the UK with a quality 4mm multi-stretch neoprene deck and a fabric body tube. The fabric body tube is adjustable and has a 2 layer breathable construction while a robust shock cord offers a great seal on the cockpit of your kayak.

Manic Expedition Combi Spray Deck For Sea And Touring Kayaks

Manic Expedition Spray Deck

The Manic Expedition Spraydeck which is made in the UK features a 4mm durable, multi stretch neoprene deck section with elastic deck lines to hold your map in place. There is a short neoprene section between the fabric and deck section which offers a better fit. The body tube is a 2 layer breathable fabric with adjustable velcro waist to make a snug fit along with elasticised shoulder straps. The Expedition Deck features a robust shock cord with latex coating inside offering more grip and a better seal around the cockpit.


Palm Roanoke Combination Spray Deck For Sea and Touring Kayaking

Palm Roanoke Spray Deck

For extended adventures by kayak‚ the right spraydeck is vital. The Roanoke combines the protection of a neoprene deck with the breathability of a fabric waist tube. Equipped with elasticised deck lines‚ and a light waterproof XP 3-layer waist tunnel‚ the Roanoke is reinforced for durability‚ and shaped for comfort on long paddling trips.


Kayak Cockpit Covers

Riot Nylon Cockpit Cover Travel Spraydeck Cover Perfect For Sea And Touring Kayaks

Nylon Cockpit Cover

The Nylon kayak cockpit cover is an essential accessory for car travel and storage. Made from a 400-denier P.U coated nylon, its features include a Rim band with 1/4" (6 mm) adjustable bungee cord. A Safety hook, front grab loop and a Gecko-Grip rim band.


Manic Neoprene Kayak Cockpit Cover Perfect For Transportation To The Sea or Rivers

Manic Neoprene Cockpit Cover

The Manic Cockpit Cover is made here in the UK exclusively for the Canoe Shops Group, it is made from 4mm super stretchy neoprene with a shockcord edging to give a tight grip. Available in a ‘Bigdeck’ size only, which is the most common cockpit size. Meaning it should provide a good fit on most modern whitewater and touring kayaks. If you are unsure of your kayaks cockpit size, either contact us here on 023 8086 1341, or bring your kayak into store for a fitting.


Looking for different nylon spray deck? Please ask us for availability and price details, we supply the full range of paddling footwear from Palm, Yak, Peak, NRS, Typhoon, Crewsaver and more.
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