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Enigma Code

Premium High Angle Bladed Sea Kayak and Touring Paddle

Adjustable midium blade sized sea kayaking and touring paddle for good manoeuvrability and endurance.

Glass Blades / Straight Shaft:

Carbon Blades / Straight Shaft:

Foam Core Carbon Blades / Carbon Cranked Shaft:

enigma code toruing and sea kayaking paddle with carbon shaft and fibre glass blade


The Enigma Code touring and sea kayaking paddle features a carbon oval shaft which is comfortable to hold and lightweight. The option of a Fibre Glass blade or Carbon Fibre blade allows you to choose how stiff and ridged you want your paddle to be depending on your paddling requirements and personal preference.

This 2 piece paddle offers multiple adjustment options not only with an infinite feather adjustment allowing you to choose the feather you feel most comfortable with but also a huge 100mm of adjustment in the shaft length.  

This versatile paddle has been designed to offer you a lightweight, stiff and powerful paddle which can be adapted for your own paddling needs. The unique shaft length adjustment feature means that you are able to change the length of the paddle shaft between a range of 215cm to 225cm allowing you to adapt the paddle to your chosen paddling style, the width of boat you are using and most importantly your chosen preference for what feels most comfortable.

This adaptive paddle features allows this paddle to become your everyday which can adapt to different conditions all in one paddle. If you are paddling against wind you are able to switch to a low angle feather to prevent the paddle blade from catching or if against a strong tide and you need a little more power then the adjustable shaft length allows you to make the paddle length longer offering more leverage and power through your stroke. For choppy surf when you may need a little more agility with your paddle you can shorten the length to 215cm offering a shorter and more manoeuvrable paddle length.

The di-hedral blade design creates a smooth stroke with minimal blade fuller through the water while the mid-sized high angle blades of the Enigma Code paddle provide the paddler with the opportunity to paddle for short distances rock hopping or coastal exploring or even long distances endurance paddles or multi days without getting fatigued which some people find with a full-sized blade. The fibre glass or carbon material options for the blade construction maximise energy to power conversion and minimise energy loss through flex.

Overall the Enigma Code is a great if you require high quality and durability in an everyday paddle for any occasion. Through its adjustment you are able to find what feels most comfortable for your personal paddling preferences and requirements and at 780g for a Fibre Glass blade and 740g for a Carbon Fibre blade this paddle has a nice swing weight and will be a comfortable paddle for every trip on the water.


  • High angle blade design
  • Mid-sized blade
  • Fibreglass - 780g
  • Carbon blade - 740g
  • 685cm2 blade surface area
  • Carbon oval shaft
  • Infinite feathering adjustment
  • Engima Code - Red: 215cm - 225cm length adjustment
  • Engima Code - Carbon: 215cm - 225cm length adjustment
  • Engima Code - Carbon Foam Core: 210cm - 220cm length adjustment
  • Di-hedral Blade Design
  • Paddle Bag included

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