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Kayaking & Canoeing Cags

All Types of Paddling Jackets

Cagoules, jackets and tops for canoeing and kayaking. We stock an excellent rage of recreational splash jackets, sea kayaking cags, semi dry and dry cags for white water paddling.

Splash & Windproof Cags

recreational cagoules for kayaking and canoeing


These jackets and cags to keep the spray and windchill off, recomended for recreational canoeing and kayaking.

Also popular with schools and centres.

Touring & Sea Kayaking Cags

cags for touring and sea kayaking


Higher performance cags for touring and sea kayaking. Features often include storm hoods, twin waist seals with high levels of breathability.


White Water Cags

White water and kayak surfing cags


Paddling cags designed to keep you as dry as possible when paddling in white water and surf. Available with latex neck seals or more comfortable neoprene seals.