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Largest Stock of Canoes & Kayaks on the South Coast:: Telephone - 023 8086 1341

Touring & Sea Kayaks

The south coast offers stunning coastline for exploring and sea kayak expeditions. With these coastlines, beautiful rivers and harbours to explore, it only seems right to take advantage of the wonderful part of the world we live in and get kayaking.


We stock and sell a wide range of touring and sea kayaks ranging from 10ft all the way to 17ft, with various hull shapes and materials such as single layer polythene, advanced triple layer polythene and composite.


We have a great selection of sea and touring kayaks from the leading brands including Perception, Seabird, Valley and Northshore. Please contact us for more information on the pros and cons of different shapes and sizes.


General Purpose Kayaks


General purpose kayaks are a great compromise when you want to have a little taste of more than one kayaking discipline. Usually featuring a retractable skeg, a storage hatch and having the length of a small touring kayak gives you the ability to try your hand at touring. The shape of the hull, speed and manoeuvrability allows you to try white water paddling on grade 2/3. 

  • General Purpose for all round usage
  • Easy to paddle
  • Often supplied with skegs for directional stability
  • Suitable for inland paddling, coastal paddling and White Water Rivers.
  • Easy to transport on a car roof rack

General Purpose Kayaks


Open Cockpit Kayaks


If you’re not too comfortable being in a closed cockpit cover, but want the benefits of a closed in kayak, then Open cockpit kayaks are a great compromise. They have the stability of a Sit on Top kayak, yet keep you Dry and maintain the speed of a touring kayak. 

  • Large open cockpit with plenty of space
  • Very easy to get into and out of the kayak
  • Suitable for inland paddling and sheltered coastal waters
  • Can be transported on most cars  (Some of the double kayaks may not be suitable for mini cars)

Open Cockpit Kayaks

Touring Kayaks


Whether you are an experienced kayaker looking for some touring, or a new paddler looking for your first taste of your new adventure, these 10 to 12 ft kayaks give you speed, stability and storage for some great days out or even overnight camps.

  • Range in length from 10ft to 13ft
  • Stable and easy paddle
  • Often supplied with skegs for directional stability
  • Large cockpits for easy access
  • Suitable for inland paddling and sheltered coastal waters
  • Easy to transport on a car roof rack

Touring Kayaks

Sea Kayaks


Sea kayaks are longer than touring kayaks, and can consist of materials such as single layer plastic, triple layer plastic and composite. The different shapes and materials allow you to embark on serious sea paddling, whether it be rock hopping, sea expeditions or just faster touring sessions, sea boats are the next step up from a touring kayak.

  • Provide a faster paddling speed
  • Multiple hatches
  • Deck layout to maximise storage space
  • More stable in testing conditions
  • More efficient on long paddling expeditions
  • Range from 16ft to 18ft


Inflatable Canoes


Inflatable kayaks are ideal if you do not have the space at home to store your kayak, or simply struggle with the transportation of a plastic kayak. Inflatable's are lightweight option, allowing you to recreationally tour the seas and rivers without all the hassle of a plastic boat

  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Can pack away when not using it in the winter months
  • Great on rivers, lakes and estuaries
  • Lots of space for 2-3 people and equipment

Inflatable Canoes




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