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Prijon Kayaks for sale at Southampton Canoes

Prijon Kayaks

Prijon make the strongest kayaks available anywhere in the World. Prijon use high density plastics and a blow-moulding process. These combined give incredible stiffness and strength to the kayaks hulls. Combined with award winning designs and legendary outfitting, these kayaks are set to be hugely popular in the UK as well as Europe. Prijon kayaks are some of the best and strongest kayaks out there!

Touring Kayaks

Prijon Poseidon tandem touring kayak

Prijon Poseidon

The Poseidon is a very stable and well equipped tandem sea and touring kayak, it tracks well and benefits from two storage hatches. This has been designed for a variety of water conditions, including UK coastal paddling and inland touring. The Poseidon is also cope with multiday expedition and overnight camping trips for those feeling a little more adventures.

Prijon Touryak touring kayak

Prijon Touryak 470

The Touryak 470 is the smaller version of the Touryak 500. This well designed kayak is built for the smaller paddler in mind. It features a lower volume deck and crisp edges for agile turns. The Touryak 470 is a do it all kayak and is suitable for coastal, harbours, river and canal paddling.

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Sea Kayaks

Prijon Kodiak sea kayak

Prijon Kodiak

The Kodiak is a High Volume boat, designed to be stable and fast with a large carrying capacity and roomy seating system. It’s ideal for long coastal and sea paddles in extreme conditions, as well as that accessional overnight camp or multiday expedition. A great kayak for paddling in UK water and along the South Coast. 

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Prijon Seayak 520 HV sea touring kayak

Prijon Seayak 520 HV

The Seayak 520 HV is a stable sea kayak, designed for beginner to intermediate sea kayakers, due to its combination of stability and performance. The HV version is especially suited for larger paddlers looking for comfort and room. The Seayak has plenty of room for storing gear in its hatches and has remarkable secondary stability. It’s ideal for long coastal and sea paddling as well as those overnight trips along the way. 

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Prijon Seayak 500 LV low volume sea kayak

Prijon Seayak 500 LV

The Low Volume Seayak 500 has been primarily designed for smaller and lighter paddlers. This makes it a great sea kayak for smaller or junior paddlers wanting all the performance of a sea kayak, but in a smaller package. Making it easier to handle and manoeuvre whilst at sea. It still gives you plenty of room for storing gear in its hatches and is at home in the sea, harbours and river.

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